Streets of Shame

Let the City of Long Beach know where they’ve been doing a poor job of street and sidewalk repairs. Email your contribution to and write "Streets of Shame" in the subject line.

  • 1st Street Between Santa Ana and Pomona
  • Ist Street Between Orizaba and Redondo
  • 14th Street: Between Ximeno and Termino
  • 14th Street: From Pacific Coast Highway to Park Avenue
  • 3rd Street: From Junipero to east of Park Ave. to Granada
  • 5th and Grand: Intersection
  • 7th Street: From Atlantic to the 710 Freeway
  • Alberan Avenue: Harco to Parkcrest
  • Albury Ave.: From Barrios to E Oakbrook St.
  • Albury Ave.: Vernon St. - Los Arcos St.
  • Anaheim Road: 5400 block sidewalks
  • Appian Way: In front of Mother’s Beach
  • Barrios St.: From San Vicente to Radnor Ave.
  • Bellflower Blvd.: 1800 & 1900 blocks
  • Bellflower Blvd sidewalk: west side between Harvey Way and Viking Way
  • Burnett between Grand & Redondo
  • Canton Street: Between Montair and Charlemagne 
  • Carson St: Between Cherry & Orange Avenues
  • Charlemagne: Between Spring and Wardlow
  • Clark Ave.: 1800 & 1900 blocks
  • Clark Ave.: Between Conant & Carson
  • Clark Ave.: North of Harvey Way to Del Amo Blvd.
  • N. Colorado Pl.:, 300 block
  • Conant St.: From Los Coyotes to Bellflower
  • El Cedral: Between Greenbrier Ave. and El Prado Ave.
  • Espanita St. between N. Studebaker Rd. and Stevely Ave.
  • Gladys Ave.: 300 block street and alley
  • Greenbrier Road: Between Anaheim Rd. and El Cedral 
  • Greenmeadow Rd.: Between Charlemagne and Tulane
  • Greenmeadow Road: Between East Village Road and Faculty Ave. (and alley)
  • Harvey Way: Between Clark and Bellflower
  • Karen Avenue: Between Spring Street and Wardlow Avenue
  • Keynote St: Studebaker to Stevely
  • Ladoga Ave.: 3800 block, between Parkcrest and Alberan  
  • Lanai: 5100 block, between Clark Ave. and Charlemagne)
  • Linden between Wardlow & 37th
  • Loma: Between 14th and Fountain.
  • Los Altos Avenue between 4th and Colorado
  • Los Arcos St: East of Studebaker Road
  • Los Flores Street: Between El Prado Avenue and Greenbrier Avenue
  • Lomina: From Conant to Harco
  • Los Altos Avenue: Between East Colorado & East 4th Streets
  • Los Flores Street: Between El Prado Avenue and Greenbrier Avenue.
  • Loynes Drive: PCH to Studebaker
  • Mira Mar Ave.between 4th and 3rd Streets
  • Montair Avenue:Between Wardlow and Monlaco
  • Naples Plaza East: From Cordova to The Toledo
  • Ocean Blvd between Redondo & Cherry
  • Orange between Wardlow and Bixby
  • Palo Verde: Willow to Atherton
  • Palo Verde sidewalk at 2335 and 2341.
  • Park Avenue: From Pacific Coast Highway to Anaheim Street
  • Peabody: Between Gondar and Carfax
  • Quincy Ave: 100 block sidewalk
  • Ramillo Ave.: 1100 block east sidewalk
  • Redondo between Spring and Willow
  • Rutgers: Between Mezzanine and Wardlow
  • San Anseline: From Conant to Harco
  • San Anseline: From Spring St. to Parkcrest St.
  • Stanbridge and Stearns: Near Bixby Elementary School
  • Studebaker Road: 2nd Street to Spring
  • Termino Avenue: 300 block
  • Tivoli Drive and Saint Irmo Walk
  • Vernon St.: Ocana Ave. - Fanwood Ave.
  • Wardlow Road: Studebaker to Los Alamitos Blvd.
  • Willow between Redondo and Cherry
  • Ximeno Ave.: Anaheim Street to PCH














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I live on the 300 block of Gladys ave and the street is caving in right front of my apartment building and in alley, the city cares more about rainbow crosswalk’s

Montair ave. Between wardlow and Monaco is shameful and unsafe. My wife has broken her shoulder because of a fall from the sidewalk being in disrepair. The overgrown trees are raising and cracking the driveways. And when we do get rain we have what we call lake montair and little lake montair.

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