Baddeley’s Has Great Drinks and Fantastic Popcorn

Jonathan Pekar, Food Dude
BARTENDER Sophie Evans of Baddeley’s.

Free popcorn goes a long way in my book. A very clever amuse-bouche however, Baddeley’s Pourhouse is so much more than that. This place is really awesome.

Located at 3348 E. Broadway, Baddeley’s Pourhouse is the quintessential traditional neighborhood sports bar that has a pool table and big screens everywhere you look. Their jukebox connects to Twitter and Facebook so you can choose songs from your barstool. The locals pick great music at this beloved Long Beach landmark and fun is quite contagious here.

Baddeley’s has perfectly prepared mixed drinks. I like the Passion Fruit Margaritas ($11.), the English Mules ($9.75) and their Old Fashions ($11.50) are fantastic. They have lots of cold beers on tap and the bartenders are wonderful.

They always make you feel welcome. The cool laid back aesthetic of Long Beach is well showcased at Baddeley’s Pourhouse. The local crowd is full of personality and never short on good times. And if you are a Pabst Blue Ribbon connoisseur then you are in luck my Blue Velvet friend, they are always only three bucks. Dennis Hopper would be proud.

But let’s talk popcorn. Baddeley’s popcorn is not only free, it is delicious! Popcorn is a weird invention. Corn was domesticated from a wild grass in Mexico roughly 9,000 years ago and spread throughout Central and South America. The Aztecs used popcorn for decorating clothes and ceremonial embellishments on top of eating it. But the first popcorn as a product is often linked to Charles Cretors of Chicago. He invented the mobile popcorn cart in 1885. Baddeley’s Pourhouse has a self-serve popcorn cart that has that wonderful look and aroma. Popcorn and cold beer go hand-in-hand.

There is something about the taste, the crunch and the satisfaction of a perfectly popped kernel that combined with the cold beer…mmmmm. Beer and popcorn, two timeless inventions. Americans consume around 14 billion quarts of popcorn each year. Cornaholics!

Biblical accounts of “corn” stored in the pyramids of Egypt are misunderstood. The “corn” from the bible was more than likely barley. The mistake comes from a changed use of the word “corn” which signified the most-used grain of a specific place.

In England, “corn” was wheat and in Scotland the word referred to oats. Since maize was the common American “corn,” it took that name and keeps it today. That is some serious bar ramblings for you, use as you will.

Baddeley’s Pourhouse is dosed in greatness. When your friends come to town, this is your go-to spot to have a Long Beach great time. I highly recommend doing time at Baddeley’s Pourhouse; where the beer and popcorn flow.

Go eat for yourself.



My favorite bar in Long Beach.

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