4 Houses Per Lot Bill Passes Assembly, But Fails to Reach Senate in Time

Bill Pearl

SB 1120, a pro density housing measure that would have required cities to allow four houses on single family lots, narrowly cleared the Assembly at three minutes before midnight, but failed to reach the state Senate in enough time to allow voted concurrence by a midnight deadline.

Livable California, the non-profit group leading opposition to the measure, proclaimed the measure dead, And with no Senate concurrence vote in Assembly amendments by the midnight deadline, the measure appears to have failed...but only because (a) last minute grassroots opposition (by among others ELB's Eastside Voice led by Corliss Lee) and (b) because time ran out.

SB 1120 passed the state Senate on June 24 with 39 "yes" votes (including co-author state Senator Lena Gonzalez and state Senator Tom Umberg (D, SE LB-west OC), and passed the Assembly last night,

The Aug. 31 Assembly floor tally showed 42 Assemblymembers voted "yes" (41 needed for passage) with 17 opposed and the final tally (after others add on, which they can do before adjournment) was 44-18 with 17 bot voting.

Assemblyman Patrick O;Donnell (D LB-SP) voted "no." Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D, NLB-Paramount) and Assemblyman Mike Gipson (D, NLB-Carson) voted "yes." SB 1120 was co-authored by state Senator (former LB Councilmember) Lena Gonzalez (D, LB-SE LA County). In June, state Senator Tom Umberg (D, SE LB-west OC) joined Gonzalez in voting "yes" on the bill,

The City of Long Beach (LA County's second largest city) didn't take a position on SB 1120. The LB Council's "state legislation committee" (advisory to the council) never discussed it and no individual councilmember used their ability agendize an item to take a position on SB 1120. LB City Hall effectively let SB 1120 progress through the legislative process (from mid-February 2020) despite council-stated policy in its adopted "state legislative agenda" that said the city would oppose bills undermining local control, including land use measures.

ELB Council incumbents Stacy Mungo and Daryl Supernaw, whose districts include large numbers of single-family homes, didn't use their periodic "newsletters" to alert their constituents to the bill (introduced in mid-Feb. 2020) or take single family neighborhood protective positions on the bill. LB's grassroots The Eastside Voice, led by Corliss Lee, used emails and social network dispatches to alert residents to the measure and produced online opposition.

On August 29, the state Senate approved AB 725 (a companion pro-density bill to SB 1120, LBREPORT.com and the Assembly subsequently concurred (O'Donnell again voted"no.") AB 725 is headed to Governor Newsom. It requires metropolitan cities (like LB) after Jan. 1, 2022 to show that at least 25% of their regional housing needs assessment (number of additional housing units decided in So. Cal by SCAG) for moderate-income housing is allocated to sites with zoning allowing at least 4 housing units. AB 725 also requires metropolitan cities to allocate at least 25% of their share of SCAG's regional housing need for above moderate-income housing to sites zoned to allow at least four units of housing


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