4 Houses/Lot Senate Bill 1120 Fails to Pass

Bill Pearl

As flashed on our website Beachcomber.news, SB 1120, a Sacramento pro-density housing measure that would have required cities to allow four houses on single family lots, failed passage on Aug. 31.

Facing a midnight deadline, it cleared the Assembly at 11:57 p.m. without enough time for the state Senate to concur in Assembly amendments. The Assembly vote was 44-18 with 17 not voting.  Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell voted “no.” 

In June, SB 1120 cleared the state Senate 39-0 (sending it to the Assembly) with both LB-area state Senators Lena Gonzalez (an SB 1120 co-author) and Tom Umberg voting “yes.”

Grassroots opposition (from groups includiung ELB’s Eastside Voice led by Corliss Lee) helped stall the Assembly vote (leaving Assembly leadership unsure of votes needed of passage).  The City of LB didn’t take a position on SB 1120. 

No individual councilmember(s) used their ability agendize an item to have the city take a position on SB 1120.

The substance of SB 1120 can (and likely will) be reintroduced by its proponents in the 2021 legislative session.


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