Affordable Care Act

Vance Frederick

How can government have nothing to do with setting limits and who one can see when only Democrats made the law!  It's over 26,000 pages, often conflicting with other parts of the law.  And it is Obamascare when he personally without reference to any known math said ACA would add 30 million uninsured people, children up to the age of 26, those with preexisting problems, double the IRS, add both a federal and state bureaucracy, one could keep their old doctor and plan, each family would receive a $2,500 rebate and it would be budget neutral.

Medicare says around 40% of its economic problems are from fraud and waste, which no one tackles because there's no incentive to do so.  Government employees get paid whether there's fraud and waste or not.  What do you perceive as the real cost of ACA, which should be called the UCA for anyone who used to have affordable healthcare?  Unions are in very soon and if clobbered with the same catastrophe they''ll come down on Democrats harder than a week's worth of HRC emails.

If Republicans can merely work insurers across state lines and get trial lawyers out of the mix and rid us of the bureaucracy, there's a very good chance this will help everyone instead of "poor" people.  Finally if Democrats hadn't kept themselves out of ACA it would have never passed.


Might I add what a great moment it was to read you're an executive faculty member teaching young people when instead of one administrator for every twelve professors it's now one to one.  Can't imagine how costs have skyrocketed in colleges or why Chancellors are paid so extravagantly for making poor decisions such as that.  "Hey, let's raise tuition!"   




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