American Elders

One issue this pandemic has brought to the surface is how we view our older adults in the community. The state has labeled us as disposable and not worthy of medical care. It is time to reframe how we look at aging.

One of the tenets of the Gray Panthers is that we are not old. We are contributing members of the community up until we die. Older adults hold most of the wealth in our country, produce most of the new businesses, serve as lawmakers and provide enormous hours of childcare, caregiving and volunteer support to our community. Only 15% end life as frail elderly.

As we begin May, Older Americans Month, let’s begin to examine how we view the elders in our community.

Karen Reside, Secretary
Long Beach Gray Panthers


It is disappointing that 80% of the deaths and 30% of the virus cases in Long Beach are in Long Beach’s senior facilities. Especially since the city that has its own health department.

Jim Hines


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