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Every ten years the 1962 graduating class of the Waynesboro (Penna.) Area High School gets together for a reunion. I skipped the 50th occasion for some reason but decided this may be the last time to see that old gang of mine that will be 88 years old in 2032. Maybe that’s why they decided to have another reunion in two years.

Out of 183 class members we lost 71 souls or about 39 percent. Of those remaining, only 51 showed up at the Waynesboro American Legion last Saturday night to be in the class photo, plus another 30-plus spouses and guests.

Two of us traveled from California and one member came from Oregon with his music collection and electronic equipment for playing songs from the late 50s and early 60s.

Without those name tags with large print it would be nearly impossible to figure out who is who. The easiest ones to spot are part of a monthly Zoom session that I host. The dozen or so Zoom participants are mostly spread over the east and west coasts. Everyone else is perplexed about using computers and Zoom or too busy with doctor appointments or playing golf.

The real reason for attending the reunion is that my sister, Margaret, resides there along with her extended family members living nearby. Another four cousins and nephew Joe from Massachusetts showed up with spouses at a Friday party of 20 guests to celebrate my visit and an upcoming birthday.

As a teenager, Waynesboro seemed like a big city to me as I biked around its streets of 10,000 residents. Having lived in Long Beach for 57 years, that Pennsylvania town has shrunk considerably in my eyes. The borough has the same population and most of the growth and new construction is in the neighboring Washington Township.

But now Long Beach is my home and my family and friends are here. I love our “little-big city” and do not yearn to be elsewhere.


Travel used to be fun. Now the airlines treat you like sardines in a can. Spirit was the worst and I vowed to never use them again. Now United Airlines has been added to the do-not-fly list due to baggage and check-in policies, horrible seat comfort, lack of USB/110 volt power, no entertainment system and no wi-fi.

I miss JetBlue and it’s the Long Beach City Council’s fault that they packed their bags and left town for LAX.

Italy is on the drawing boards for a vacation next October since it’s the only country skipped in my international travels. I’ll be checking out legroom and other amenities beforehand.


Getting back to class reunions, I recently saw some online humor about an elderly woman who went to a new dental office and saw a college graduation plaque on the wall with the name Robert Jones, DDS. She remembered that someone in her high school graduating class had the same name.

When she saw the dentist she asked if he attended her high school and if he graduated that same year. He said yes. “You were in my class,” she exclaimed.

So he says “What did you teach?”


Our online poll has been asking “is a former president entitled to possess sensitive documents after leaving office?” Thus far 42% say “yes,” 54% say “no” and 4% are undecided.

Those numbers strike me as being similar to the local Republican and Democrat statistics.

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