Jay Beeler

 I like Donald Trump. In 10 days he has shaken up the status quo in Washington D.C. more than any other president in recent history.
Throughout the presidential campaign he kept us entertained and wiped out 16 other Republican candidates in the process. He is a master in controlling the media, staying on the front pages of newspapers throughout the campaign and, now that he is president, the news pages and airways are filled with stories about his actions, keeping his campaign promises and the resulting controversies.
Ronald Reagan had that same skill, only he was much more political and much less controversial or unpredictable.
Only time will tell if Trump is successful in “draining the swamp,” restoring our economy, stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and rebuilding the national defense. I wish him great success and look forward to being entertained in the process – as well as learning new skills from a master of manipulation.

On the home front he has motivated our cartoonist, Paul White, to generate more content that is political in nature. There is an example of this elsewhere on this page. Another cartoon waiting in the wings shows a cat relaxed on the floor with a thought-bubble reading: “No, I will not join your administration. For one thing, I’m way over-qualified.” Then White adds his own opinion: “Cats would never work under any president. They view themselves as rulers of their own little universe. This is why presidents have dogs.”
As a publisher I have always tried to open these pages to all viewpoints, regardless of political persuasion. I’m just the sandbox monitor, trying to keep the stuff from being tossed indiscriminately. For many years we had the democratic point of view on page one – until that columnist started sending written, negative comments to our letter writers. In recent weeks we’ve added another columnist who brings both a democratic and historic perspective to our pages, former councilwoman and mayoral candidate Gerrie Schipske. She has a perspective on the Affordable Care Act on page two – on your left. (How appropriate is that?)

On a sad note we mourn the passing of Phil Stanley Wood on Jan. 13 at the age of 71. “Stan” ran a successful coin laundry business known as Coin Meter West in Long Beach’s west side. My company, Beeler & Associates, handled Stan’s marketing communications and we would get together early mornings for exercise by walking three miles in the streets of Park Estates.
Stan introduced me into the Rotary Club of Long Beach in 1982, for which I am forever grateful. He had lots of toys, like boats, RVs and vintage cars. My son and I would go “yachting” with Stan and other friends, often going to Catalina.
In 1988 Stan purchased 40 acres in Corral De Tierra, Calif., moving there fulltime in 1999 to begin a retirement job of growing lavender, which was turned into a thriving business.
Stan is survived by his wife of 42 years, Bette, his children, Todd, Allison and Amy and four grandchildren. “Semper Fi” and thank you buddy; you will be greatly missed.

There’s a ballot on page four of this edition in our 16th annual Best of Long Beach Contest. Please write in your favorite businesses in at least 15 categories and send it in. There are prizes to be won and honors to bestow upon those who rank the best in service categories. In July we’ll publish ballots in the product categories. Good luck!



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