The Best of Long Beach Prize Winners

Please patronize the following sponsors of our 16th annual contest:

Aquarium of the Pacific: (Two Admission Tickets) Nancy Kull, Janice Martin

Art Theatre: (2 Free Cinema Passes) Bonnie Colello, Celia Apostol, Janice Kran, Robbi Anderson

BBQ Music Festival: (2 Free General Admission) Ginny Dutile, Reina Torres, Linnae Heluholokey, Alfonso Lozano

Belmont Athletic Club: ($25 Gift Certificate) Joe Spalding, Bryant Manley, Jack Foelber, Bill Egan

Belmont Pets & LaunderPet: ($25 Gift Certificate) Joanne Aevord, Amanda Browning

Bridal Showplace: ($40 Free Admission) Kimberlie Frederick, Marisol Olguin, Triccia Agregado, Arlyn Reyes, Jocelyn Bernache

Crawfish Festival: (2 Free General Admission) Kay Anonsen, David Joel,Sharon Dezutti, Josh Carlton

Emery & Emery: ($25 Gift Card) Crystal Hayes, Michelle S Urbano, Kathleen Steube, Deloris Mayugo

Forbidden City: ($25 Gift Certificate) Lynn Beckett-Lemus, Art Levine, Karen S Conklin, Brian Hannon

Harbor Breeze Cruises: (2 Whale Watch Tickets) Janet DeGiorgio, Lois McGovern

Hof’s Hut: ($25 Gift Card) Heather Filbey-Mccabe, Amy Schettini; ($25 Gift Cards to Lucille’s Barbecue) Dean Edgerton, Alyson Zahn

J&L Jewelers: ($25 Gift Certificate) Stevon Leary, Karen Larson, Lindsey Golliher, Carol Grudt

LB Bootcamp: ($37 Gift Certificate) Maraley Shaeffer, Alan Yudin, John Doyle, William Wells

LBCC Senior Studies: (Free $45 Class) Jennifer Carlson, Judy Bakalyar, Katty Tucker, Carol + Dick Adams

Long Beach Playhouse: (Two Admission Tickets) Kevin Bowers, Lynne Charette

Mobül: ($25 Gift Certificate) Richard Kroskela, Michelle Smith, Helen Winton, Bill Kahris

Original Lobster Festival: (2 Free General Admission) Ashley Carlton, Ashley Hershberger, Kathy Flanagan, Christine Elia

Queen Mary: (2 Free 1 Day Tickets) Sam Cannon, Janine Sevy

Shoreline Village: ($25 Gift Certificate) Kevin Deihm, David Chaille, R Hodge, Brenda Trikk: (

Steven Pakiz: ($25 Gift Certificate) Jill Ovard, Agnes Knight, Karen Lawrence, Becky Ramirez

Wags to Whiskers: ($25 Gift Certificate) Tori Fitzgerald, Aastha Madaan, Maureen Manlove

Zombie Fest: (2 Free General Admission) Jennifer Schutt, Leah Madden, Tim Perry, Karen Mcorkle

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to our sponsors. If you cannot use your prize, please re-gift it to a friend or relative. Or you can return it to the Beachcomber offices and we will pass it along to a staff member. Prizes will be mailed on or before April 16th. If not received after one week, please let us know at (562) 597-8000.



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