Breakfast Republic is Totally Awesome

By Jonathan Pekar, Food Dude
Breakfast Republic server Marissa Fernandez

When you start your day at Breakfast Republic, odds are you will be on top of your game, whatever crazy game it is that you play. Let’s make no mistake, you are the kind of person who reads restaurant reviews, so not only do I dig your style and approach to life, I sincerely want to hook you up with great spots that are worthy of your precious time.

Breakfast Republic is one of those places. Located at 5313 2nd Street, Breakfast Republic does American classic morning dishes in an unpretentious atmosphere that will make you understand why it is the most important meal of the day.

Their shrimp and grits are perfect. It is really hard not to order this dish every time. However, the rest of the menu is also superb.

Have you ever had Oreo pancakes? Yes, Oreo pancakes; this place is also really fun. Watch anyone eat pancakes with Oreo cookies in them, doesn’t matter who it is, they become 10 years old for a short spell. I am telling you, this place is rad.

Manager Melissa Magana and her team are so professional and friendly, they make sure that your visit to Breakfast Republic is wonderful every time you walk through their door. Everything about this place is motivational and awe-inspiring. From the positive quotes on the wall to the intriguing colors and decor, they have the breakfast experience down to a science.

But why is breakfast so important anyway? For starters, it ‘breaks’ the overnight fasting period and replenishes your supply of glucose to keep your energy levels on the rise. Eating a healthy breakfast vastly improves your memory and concentration plus it lowers your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Many other fascinating breakfast facts can be researched however, I have hollandaise sauce on my mind and spoon. And yes, I use a spoon when it comes to hollandaise sauce. A fork cannot do this amazing invention justice, especially Breakfast Republic’s hollandaise sauce.

Thick, creamy and incredible would be a safe way to describe their hollandaise sauce. Soothing would be the best way to interpret such edible art. Grab a spoon and see if I am not right about this seemingly odd utensil choice. Breakfast Republic’s hollandaise sauce is award-winning material.

I highly suggest you visit Breakfast Republic on 2nd Street. They have their own parking lot which is a blessing around this crowded and charming area of Belmont Shores plus the neighboring stores are full of intriguing items. It is a great spot to start your day. Enjoy the fact that you are capable of doing exactly what you want to do. Live for the day here in Long Beach.

Go eat for yourself.


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