Café Scuba at AOP is Great

By Jonathan Pekar, Food Dude
CHEF Steve Herrera at Café Scuba.

The Aquarium of the Pacific (AOP) is a time-honored treasure of Long Beach. It is a new adventure every time you walk through the doors. Their staff is friendly, professional and eager to make your visit with them a wonderful time to remember.

The AOP also envisions a world where sustainable seafood supports a more resilient and nutritious food future for everyone. And it starts at their in-house restaurant Café Scuba with their fantastic sustainable seafood menu.

The AOP leads the charge in responsible seafood initiatives. Sustainable seafood is more important than you may realize. And exactly what is sustainable seafood? Well, I am glad you asked. Sustainable seafood as reported by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration under the US Department of Commerce is the most efficient source of protein on the planet.

In the United States, both wild-caught, farmed fish and shellfish are managed under a system of enforced environmentally responsible practices.

The AOP works to develop tools and solutions to support a more nutritious and resilient food future with sustainable seafood. A fine reason to dedicate your time and money. It is also nice knowing that the restaurant you attend cares enough to go to such efforts.

AOP’s incredibly spacious and comfortable restaurant Café Scuba makes you feel good about what you are eating. This restaurant has a menu for the entire family and they also have an assortment of alcoholic beverages. I cannot emphasize how well beer goes with staring at fish.

Pointless to tell you about how fantastic Café Scuba’s menu is. Go try it out for yourself. Despite being a food critic, I really can’t stand describing well prepared meals. Words and food have little to do with one another unless you’re eating alphabet soup! Just trust me on this, Café Scuba does not disappoint.

I highly recommend you visiting the AOP, you will be surprised by what you will discover. Kids of all ages love it, and so will you. My great friends of Long Beach, there is a dynamic adventure awaiting you at 100 Aquarium Way right here in Long Beach. Go have a great meal and get lost in the universal mysteries of life in the ocean.

Go see and eat for yourself.


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