Cardiologist Writes ‘The Fifth Most Important Book You’ll Ever Own’

Sebastian Grewal

When E. Mike Vasilomanolakis, MD, is not saving people’s lives as a cardiologist, he has ambitions of bettering all aspects of one’s life with beneficial lists. As shown in his recently published tome “Lists for a Great Life: The Fifth Most Important Book You’ll Ever Own,” which is now available for purchase at

It offers extensive lists covering everyday necessities. And functions as a checklist, a source of guidance and counsel. This book has a plethora of knowledge that can improve your life and is highly recommended if you believe “Your life deserves the best.”

The idea of creating lists to live through one’s life all started during an embarkment on Mt. Kilimanjaro 25 years ago with his friend Jim Mang.

Gin made a list of all the two needed to best succeed on the climb; Dr. Mike states that “Extraordinary lists,” like the one that Jim made on this adventure, will help one “not forget anything.”

Dr. Mike said, “In 2004, we went to the Olympics in Athens, Greece.” Where they created an extensive “checkoff list” there as well.

Initially, in creating the idea of how to write this, Dr. Mike states that both he and Jim “originally made 150 lists and toned it down to eight” throughout the years.

These are “Lists that are helpful for everyday life,” he said.

Specifically, in traveling, for example, Dr. Mike feels that it’s crucial to plan what one needs to bring, expect, to fully be aware and ready for every next move on their trip. Which aids the stress and anxiety that some might feel when doing so.

“If you want to deal with stress and anger or save money, here is a comprehensive list for doing that,” he said.

Dr. Mike further mentions, “Some lists we weren’t happy with; some of them were better reserved for a second book.”

During this point of this 25-year stretch of creating lists, Jim had passed away and Dr. Mike had been running the ideas through his daughter, Nikki Lovejoy, who Dr. Mike states has “the marketing mind” of the two.

When asked why he chose cardiology as a practice, Dr. Mike replied, “When I started in medicine in the 1970s, the field of cardiology started exploding doing angioplasty, dealing with people going into shock, that’s how I got started going into dealing with emergencies.”

He has dealt with many demanding tasks when involved in this field, “having to come into the middle of the night” to save patients’ lives. And has engaged in many tactical procedures that have been crucial in operations throughout decades. is an interactive website that details you through the four crucial takeaways from what Dr. Mike and Nikki persuade their readers. It provides that one should “reduce guesswork” and “become more organized and effective without starting from scratch every time.”

Dr. Mike and Nikki Lovejoy also explain that one should “complete tasks faster,” in which one can “prepare for and direct your productivity to the tasks that matter the most.”

Another aspect of what this book covers is that one should “stay focused. always!” in that one should “become more decisive, procrastinate less and accomplish more.”

It is also mentioned that one should “make your life flourish” by learning “how to handle and reduce stress and have time to spend with your loved ones.”

He takes account of “health considerations” one can make when traveling to examples of how to guide your life in the aspect of “buying and selling a home.”

When asked what his favorite list was, Dr. Mike stated, “How to deal with anxiety. It’s a problem for a lot of people and there are some helpful tips.” He believes the book “helps them get out of difficult situations.”


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