Careless Drivers

Is there anyone left in this country who gives a damn about anybody but themselves. I drove less than two miles and encountered a person in the car texting in the number one lane doing 10 miles under the posted limit while cars went around them, a person who actually stopped in the right lane texting and another person at the major light of Los Coyotes Diagonal and Carson texting on the phone.

At that same light I experienced driver after driver who sat barely over the limit line waiting to turn while the 8 to 10 cars sitting behind them realized they’d never make the light because the first driver didn’t get halfway into the intersection to allow at least three cars to make the turn.

I watch as drivers stop in front of cars trying to leave parking spaces, a woman with three children in her car texting, those that don’t know the size of their car so they sit waiting at a right turn instead of moving over and going around the corner as others are made to wait behind them and they are people driving far below the speed limit in the number one lane with many car lengths between them and the car in front of them and on it goes.

What is the matter with understanding that driving is a major responsibility that demands our full attention because we’re driving two ton bullets that can maim and kill in an instant? No phone text or call or other distraction is worth anyone’s life.

Vance Frederick



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