Character or Policy?

Taylor Ramsey

The name calling and nasty stuff continues against me for appreciating Donald Trump as our president. “How can you vote for a person like that?” I explained it before the election of 2016 when I was writing for the Beachcomber; I reread it today and thought it explains my vote very well:

“I am constantly hearing and reading reports from both sides of the political spectrum arguing about whether we should vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It is incessant. Most of the comments have to do with the character of each candidate and they have almost nothing to do with policy.

“People who argue with me relentlessly present me with Donald Trump’s continuous and on-going rhetoric that is incorrect and disrespectful. I get it, Trump is not the best candidate. However, it is so very easy for me to then come back with all the lying and questionable decisions Hillary Clinton has made.

“This got me to thinking. If you consider all the mistakes, decisions and foolish things both Clinton and Trump have done, you must conclude, in my opinion, that both of them are deeply lacking in “good character.” Be honest with yourself, it can’t be seen any other way. They both lost me long ago.

“When Trump mocked the reporter, Serge Kovalaski, who has a chronic condition that limits the use of his arms, in public and on film that did it for me with him. When Clinton lied in the face of the families of the four men who lost their lives at our embassy in Benghazi that did it for me with her. They are both repulsive people in my judgment.

“I wish we would cease arguing about which candidate is the most corrupt and immoral nominee and concede they are both appalling. Instead voters should consider each platform the candidate is running on, Democrat or Republican? Think about it, we target our arguments on social, economic or foreign policies. That’s it. Life would be so much easier for all of us if we just accept that our two candidates are horrible. I believe policy decisions are what will make life for my family and me better or worse.

“It is a given that presidents lie. History shows we have had many lying presidents. Nixon comes to mind on Watergate and Obama comes to mind with the Affordable Care Act. What hurts or helps the most is the policy each president and those elected to Congress determine should become law.

“So, when someone tells me Trump is a lying mocking candidate and they can prove it I will tell them no need, I know that. I will not come back with all the corrupt and lying antics of Clinton to counter. Instead I will ask my challenger if there is a policy they would like to discuss. If they have one they wish to address we can have a good and civil conversation about policy, provide our backup documentation if necessary, shake hands and remain friends.

“That would help me, how about you, my friend?”


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