Charter Perversion

This article is so hot it is flammable! Have to wonder what the mayor will do to shut the author (Stephen Downing) up. Will he use bribes? Or threats?

The issue with the ballot opposition arguments should have been handled by the city clerk. The normal process is to outline anything that is factually objectionable and kindly ask to have it fixed. Errors are handled without any fanfare.

Hiring attorneys as attack dogs to control what goes into an opposition argument is something new ... an intimidation tactic? And who wouldn’t be intimidated by the prospect of having to hire a private attorney for say $40K to deal with the city’s lawyers? Seems the mayor wants to control both the argument “for” and the argument “against.” They’re playing hard ball. Let the games begin.

Corliss Lee

Gerrie Schipske and Rae Gabelich had the opportunity to work for the public while they were in office. This reach for power didn’t just come about. It was from years of the City Council sitting on their hands and handing candy to public safety, who have now turned into politicians for the city, and now they work feverishly to support the city to defeat the taxpayers of Long Beach.

Measure A and M were a must for public safety in order to keep those raises coming in and to guarantee that their outrageous pensions won’t be cut. Not to mention of the $1 billion pension obligation the taxpayers are paying off for the ineptness of the present and past city councils and now the results of Measure A and M. “Pat my back and I will pat yours” a model for public safety and the city to follow. So far, the city has done a great job of indebting the taxpayers, thanks to public safety.

Kathy Ryan

Will the LB voters show up for this November “slip-in”? Certainly hope so. Visit No on BBB for updates on the amendments and see how you can be involved! It takes the village.

Rae Gabelich

[Editor’s Note: There are numerous online comments to Stephen Downing’s recent columns on LBPD TigerText Use, LBPOA’s Nike Boycott and LB Charter Perversion. We’ve selected only a few with preference for those with names attached.]


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