City Charter Changes

Tom Stout

Congratulation’s Juan Ovalle, Joe Sopo, Rae Gabelich and Corliss Lee for stepping up to write the opposition opinions to Mayor Garcia’s self-serving City Charter changes on the November Ballot!

Doesn’t the city get tired of trotting out the same “old suspects” to write their biased, self-serving ballot arguments.

The “Taxman” Mayor Garcia: I have never seen a tax or fee that I did not like. Once again the “City family needs new shoes and I need keep my job”!

City Auditor Laura “We do not need change, we need to keep the status quo” Doud. I can’t say no to any new taxes, fees or City Charter changes that we, the city family can benefit from. I no longer advocate for the taxpaying residents, I’m 100 percent for what benefits the city family.

Former Mayor Foster: Let me once again support raising your taxes and fee’s to pay for my new Civic Center project. We need to change our City Charter so our self-serving mayor, that I elected, can stay in office long enough to find a new government job.

Police and Fire Union Presidents Pritchard and Foster: What a pair of tax-raising advocates they are. Their unions have donated $450 thousand in the last two elections to raise resident’s sales tax (10.25 percent) and UUT (17 percent), just so their members could get nine percent compounded raises.

These city employees are no longer public serving, they are self-serving themselves at the taxpayer’s all-you-can-eat tax buffet.

Ask your City Council person why we are paying $154 million a year (2017) for city employee pensions and only spending about $25 million a year (Measure A sales tax funds) on repairing are city’s infrastructure. The city was spending more on infrastructure repair before Measure A, than they are now.

This city is run by and for the benefit of its employees, not the hard-working, taxpaying residents who actually live here.

As the Dare Drug Program motto says: Just say NO!



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