College Planning Made Easy With the Help of Uncle Skip

Katherine Clements

College planning is no easy process and a topic that should have lots of time and attention committed to it.

Starting with picking the right major and school to then creating a financial plan, Skip Dawson, Owner and Founder of College Planning of Greater Long Beach (CPOGL), has 20 years of college planning skills that he shares with parents and students throughout Long Beach.

Skip is a Long Beach local raised in Lakewood. He calls himself Uncle Skip because he’s that person who will be there to help. Dawson was the first in his family to attend college and holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees from CSULB in Business Administration and Management Information Systems.

“The first and foremost is that we work with the kids in order to help them to figure out what their career is going to be, and we do that scientifically,” said Dawson.

CPOGL was established in 2004, once Dawson discovered that his community would benefit from a service that could help plan out a college road map, and he then began educational workshops. Held at local libraries, community organizations like the YMCA, and high schools, these hour-long workshops extensively cover what it takes to optimize your child’s college journey and how to make it work.

“Most of our business comes from referrals, and the kind of marketing we’ve done for the last 20 years is workshops in libraries,” said Dawson.

“That’s where things have changed,” he continued. “When COVID-19 hit, we had to change and learn how to do all these things by webinars.”

Dawson took to the internet to change the way he conducts his workshops. Webinars have become his new way to host parents while educating them about his services.

These free webinars discuss, for instance, the three pillars in the college planning process that Dawson uses to guide families through a successful college plan. CPOGL has counseled thousands of families for over 15 years to navigate the quagmire that is college planning. Dawson explains how his process will help your child find the best-suited college for them, factoring in its location, programs, and cost. Next, he helps to get as much financial aid as possible with approaches that many parents don’t know about yet. And lastly, to create a plan to pay for the enormous cost without depleting your retirement savings.

You may go online and register for the next one at

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, college feels considerably arduous these days. With the financial burdens and others brought on by COVID-19, some families are in a predicament.

This is where Skip Dawson and CPOGL come through. With the help of Uncle Skip and the grit to start early, successful college planning is achievable.


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