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Gabriela Medina

As a kid, the possibilities are endless when it comes to dreaming about what they want to be when they grow up. Eventually, they grow up often changing their minds about their future goals and taking different paths than anticipated. But one kid who grew up knowing that his dream of being a comedian was only to become his reality years later. That kid is local resident Wyatt Cote, World Series of Comedy (WSOC) winner.

Cote was just finishing his final year at the University of Hawaii, where he was studying biochemistry to become a marine biologist when he decided that the field was not what he expected and had decided to pursue his calling in doing stand-up comedy. Although he had always been interested in marine life, he knew that could not see a future that he would be content with, so he went with something he loved.

As a child, Cote enjoyed the enthusiasm his parents had while watching one of their favorite sitcoms “Seinfield,” that he had also adapted to the show. It was the idea of the show that caught his attention to stand-up comedy.

“I started practicing my jokes and delivery on my friends in high school during lunch. I’d do other comic’s bits, almost like when you are first learning an instrument and practice other’s songs, then you come up with your own. So, then I would practice my own delivery,” Cote said.

Dane Cook was an inspiration to me in high school. My friends and I would quote his bits the next day in school and toward the end of high school, I started to write my own jokes and by college, I started to actually do stand up and perform my own material,” Cote said.

Even earlier in Cote’s educational career, his fourth-grade teacher had signed his yearbook implying that he had a good sense of humor and she had hoped to see him perform on HBO or “Saturday Night Live” one day. Cote has not performed on either, however, he continues to be the best that he can be, enjoying the benefits and conflicts that come with his career.

“It’s been great to have my dreams come true. It has brought me opportunities to travel and doing what I love is amazing, but it is also a very big pressure. It’s very stressful to now have to maintain this career and do well everywhere I go,” Cote explained, “To maintain the ability to do well because it’s such a competitive career if you start slacking it’s easy to get surpassed and be pushed right out, so it’s a lot of pressure to maintain and keep it up.”

It is Cote’s positive attitude that has helped him be successful. It has led him to be the winner of the 2021 World Series of Comedy, granting him more exposure and recognition from the comedy industry. The WSOC is a six-month national contest that holds approximately 10 different ‘satellite events’ leading up to the week-long contest and comedy festival in Las Vegas. At the event, companies and more from the comedy industry attend to scout talents and judge the shows. Cote reassured that although it is something very fun to him it is also something that becomes very overwhelming.

“It’s fun, but stressful. You have to remind yourself that pressure is a privilege, if you are not under pressure or under stress you are not doing anything significant. I think of all of the times in my past where I was stressed out and felt a lot of pressure but had wished I was in this position. It’s really stressful doing competitive comedy because you’re being ranked and you can’t just tell yourself that you’re the best like how I always do. That’s how I keep a leveled head,” Cote said.

With the exposure he has gotten from his victory at the WSOC, he has been able to sell out two shows back to back in Long Beach at the Port City Tavern. Cote hopes to continue building networks and have exposure to his name as a stand-up comedian. “My ultimate goal is to have comedy specials on comedy networks like HBO or even on Netflix. My short-term goal is to win this event in Seattle and keep working my way up. To do everything I have to do between now and HBO,” Cote said.

His understanding of being patient in his career has also helped him be successful. Cote said, “My advice to other comedians just starting would be to understand that it is a very long game. Don’t expect anything to really happen in the next five years. You can’t be taught to be a comedian they were just born, not made. Be open to the idea that it might not be for you and pace yourself don’t try to get into something that you are not ready for. Take your time, it’s a long game. It’s better to be five years too late, than five mins too early.”

To see Wyatt Cote in person, Port City Comedy Show tickets are made available on He also encourages people to follow him on Instagram @badguywywy or on Facebook for more updates.


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