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Saturday, October 16

400 block of East Artesia Blvd. At 12:07 a.m., a man seated in a car saw two men approach. He began to drive away as the suspects fired shots toward the vehicle, striking car and driver. He’s expected to survive, but police could not locate a crime scene.

67th Street near Indiana Ave. At 11 p.m., officers responded to along the 91 Freeway where they found the 30-year-old Long Beach resident Cesar Hernandez, lying on the ground in the courtyard of an apartment building suffering from multiple apparent gunshot wounds to the upper and lower body. He was pronounced deceased.

Willow St. at Myrtle Ave. A 65-year-old man crossing Willow in an unmarked crosswalk in Long Beach at 7 p.m. and was hit by a red sedan, which fled. He died at a hospital.

2100 block of Bellflower Blvd. At 1:30 p.m., a fully-grown female shopper walked into a clothing store, loaded up on as much clothing as she could carry without bothering to stop at the place where normal customers pay for the clothing.

Walnut and 21st Street. As a result of shameful donut inexperience, a driver of a vehicle rammed his ride against a curb resulting in major damage to his front end at 2 p.m. Curb damage yet to be ascertained, but it did curb this activity.

Sunday, October 17

Orizaba Ave. near Vista St. At 4:15 a.m., after driving to the beach to take moon shots, photos that is, a 45-year-old resident headed home on Redondo Ave. Seeing a following car, after several turns onto Broadway, Obispo, Vista and Orizaba, car still there, he “experimented” with a zig, the car zagged. On Vista, he made a quick U-turn, driving at the presumed stalker. Both stopped. “Why are you following me? I’m calling the police.” “Go ahead,” he said. “He had a dazed smirk on his face and looked like he was high on something,” leaving in a white car with Arizona plates. The resident’s second scariest near-beach experience after a male on bike came out from under the pier towards him with a “scream face” mask on, also reported to the police.

Thursday, October 21

Ocean Blvd. and Lindero Ave. At 6:24 a.m., a police special services officer witnessed a 2021 Acura ILX driven by a 48-year-old Long Beach resident hit a male pedestrian, 84-year-old Fikre Workneh, also a resident of Long Beach, who died at the scene. Police said while walking in traffic lanes outside a crosswalk, Workneh was struck by an eastbound vehicle entering the intersection on a green light. The driver had a valid license and remained on scene to cooperate with the investigation.

Friday, October 22

Woodruff Ave. near Carson St. In northbound traffic lanes, out of nowhere, a load of busted up furniture appeared at 4:30 p.m. As a man attempted to clear the debris, dragging lamps and cabinets to the side of the road, not for recycling, but for safety, several helpful drivers contributed a piece of their horn.

Saturday, October 23

Willow St. and Cherry Ave. At 1:50 p.m., after about 200 to 300 bicyclists rode through the city, doing wheelies, blocking street s and more, a group of bicyclists grabbed $300 to $400 of alcohol and other essentials from a Food4Less before being evicted by police. As the store didn’t want to press charges, no attempt to detain or arrest. Said a Nextdoor member, there are two different groups of riders: Long Beach 29ers and the LB Rippers. They are mix of teens and adults. Police and Food4Less loss prevention will develop strategies, nixing alcohol sales not likely included.

6200 block of Downey Ave. At 6:55 p.m., police found a male in his twenties on the ground near a service road, wounded from an apparent gunshot to the upper body. He later died in a hospital.

Atlantic and 71st St. The weekly donut derby was held at 10:30 p.m., about 30 cars took over the intersection for the enjoyment of 75 onlookers. Meanwhile, juveniles were hiding booze bottles in bushes at 68th Street.

Sunday, October 24

Cherry Ave. and Bixby Rd. After running a stop sign at 4:40 p.m., a 25-year-old Suzuki motorcyclist died in a crash with a left-turning Nissan Rogue driven by a 55-year-old Long Beach resident from northbound Cherry onto Bixby. The Rogue driver cooperated with police.

Tuesday, October 26

200 block of W. 15th St. At 9:40 p.m., a man in his 30s was shot and killed while riding or walking his bicycle. The shooter jumped into the passenger side of a waiting car northbound on Pacific Avenue. Police suspect gang related.

Wednesday, October 27

Cabrillo High School. At 11:20 a.m., fisticuffs weren’t part of the lesson plan as multiple students duked it out before police arrived. Reportedly, at least one teacher was struck.

Thursday, October 28

Southbound 405 Freeway near Cherry Ave. At 4:40 a.m., a motorcyclist, David Verweyst Jr., 41, of Rancho Cucamonga was killed in a crash.


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