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Steve Propes

Monday, December 13

Town Center Walmart. By frequently entering and exiting Walmart, a male in his 20s wearing black shorts aroused suspicion at 10 a.m., then somehow he was connected to gang activity, which increased the temperature by several degrees.

Thursday, December 16

Unnamed Desmond Bridge replacement. At 12:10 p.m., two oversized trucks were stuck on the brand new bridge and were trying to back up to access Pico, or as an alternative, onto Ocean. Name it and claim it? Not quite.

Orange Ave. and Via Wanda. In a gathering of 20 to 30 vehicles at 9:50 p.m., for the purpose of a street takeover. According to a Nextdoor aspiring traffic reporter: “No police whatsoever. Just saw a few G35s, 350z, and some Chargers. Regular traffic was cutting through Rose and Harding.” Judgement was rife: “You’re ruining your tires. You crashed your car and the dummy spectators have a death wish. Good job, guys.” Pity the poor auto parts: “Not only his tires, the suspension, transmission, axles, the frame itself, bolts loosen, alignment, power steering, eventually the engine.” Topped off by a tribute to muscle cars: “In my day, if you wanted a 500 horsepower engine you had to build it. Today’s youth just goes to the car dealer and buys it. Absolutely no respect for trophy cars or the time and effort to build.”

5200 block of EL Roble St. At 10:37 p.m., a man sporting a red, white and blue back pack “just tried to break into our home and our car. The police responded within 10 minutes and they have all of the information. They believe this man has broken into numerous homes in the neighborhood. He is posing as a homeless person.” At 11:40 p.m. the police arrested the man at the 7-Eleven on Clark and PCH. “The police told me he had a weapon in his backpack and some things they think were stolen from other homes. Back when I lived there, neighbors tried to see if they could make Park Estates a security gated neighborhood. It didn’t pass but it may be worth looking into again,” said a Nextdoor poster. From the extreme solutions bureau about a once-popular BB gun: “Everyone needs a Red Ryder this year, time to put these opportunistic thieves’ eyes out.”

Friday, December 17

Vets Stadium. Red SUV doing donuts in the parking lot at 3 p.m., likely warming up the tires for the evening’s street takeover on a few selected intersections.

Harding St. and Cherry Ave. Return of the street takeover at 10 p.m., except this time, some lucky driver won the attention he or she was seeking, except it was black and white. At 11:11 p.m., 20 vehicles and a large crowd gathered. Police towed a vehicle after citing the car for tinted windows, the driver for having no license and a second driver was cited for “exhibition of speed.”

Orange Ave. and Market St. At midnight, the crowd moved several blocks away to watch in wonder as cars burned rubber and went in circles, the classic street takeover. To add to the pure pleasure of the event, a fight broke out between two drivers and a traffic collision followed. The faulty driver was cited for an unsafe lane change and driving without insurance and police towed a second vehicle after citing the driver for exhibition of speed.

Saturday, December 18

72nd Street and Atlantic Place. The body of Abelardo Ramirez Bonilla, 46, with gunshot wounds to the head was discovered in a parked SUV at about 9:25 p.m. by officers who were flagged down by a citizen who said a shooting occurred earlier in the night.

Tuesday, December 21

Shoreline Dr. Gangway CC. At 10:15 a.m., boaters noticed an apparently homeless woman with a backpack who broke the window of a boat “and crawled in.” Eventual destination unknown.

Wednesday, December 22

Ocean near Long Beach Blvd. Outside her Aqua Condominiums residence, Second District Councilwoman Cindy Allen encountered a threatening man with a knife at 4:45 p.m. The condo concierge let her and another woman back in, followed by the man with the knife. The concierge and a five-year-old girl fled out a back door. Allen and the other woman also escaped as police arrested Isaiah Ledell Robinson, 22, of Long Beach for attempted robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a switchblade knife, resisting/obstructing a public officer and being under the influence of a controlled substance. Bail: $50,000. Allen said police showed her Robinson’s backpack, which contained about 10 knives.

Thursday, December 23

5600 block of Las Lomas St. At 4:45 p.m., homeowners who were not home saw burglary suspects via their surveillance system. Police arrested all three men with property belonging to the victim found in their possession, one in a vehicle seen leaving the area and two others at the home. Cristian Ebannur Aballey, 29, Marcelo Ramosmadrid, 27, and Roberto Rojas Solis, 22, all homeless of Los Angeles were booked for residential burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime. Bail: $200,000 per man.


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