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Wednesday, January 3

Ohio Ave. and Pacific Coast Hwy. At 5:25 a.m., a male pedestrian walking in the eastbound lanes of Pacific Coast Highway was hit from behind by a hit-and-run vehicle. The victim later died. Then, Cher Srey, 55, of Long Beach turned herself in to Signal Hill police, booked for felony hit-and-run and released.

2000 block of W. Columbia St. At 8:46 p.m., a shooter-in-the-air got a late new year start, but did leave bullet casings.

Wednesday, January 4

Long Beach. In the morning, a San Gabriel grease blockage caused a 15,000-gallon sewage spill that wended its way to the Rubio Wash, into the Los Angeles River and local beaches west of Belmont Shore, which were duly closed.

Thursday, January 4

Locust Ave. and 21st St. At 9:30 a.m., a woman pushing a stroller on a sidewalk was struck on the head by a pipe-wielding man who approached her from behind. After this gratuitous attack, the woman went to a hospital. The man, unknown.

Friday, January 5

Studebaker and Willow. At 5:20 p.m., five cars were imprinting their tire-fashioned grooves into the El Dorado Park grass hoping picnickers could be impressed with their donut skills.

Tuesday, January 9

Belmont Shore. At 4:12 p.m., a stolen U-Haul from Manhattan Beach exited Orange County at Second Street, crossed a busy PCH, u-turned back into the OC, Seal Beach black and whites in pursuit, u-turned west, into the Shore, right turn onto Pomona, across the alley to Corona, north to the Marina where the driver and a baggage-laden passenger disembarked. At 4:20 p.m., the driver gave up at gun-pointing lawmen at a rocky marina outcropping, the slow-moving partner in crime at Rogers Middle School. Clever caper foiled.

Thursday January 11

6598 Cherry Ave. In a robbery at the 7-Eleven at 9:43 p.m., a man with a handgun entered with three women, demanded cash from the two employees, then left.

2799 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. At 11:10 p.m., three females and two males in their teens stole $300, tobacco and lottery tickets, departing in a reportedly stolen 2017 Kia Optima. The femaless described as 15-years-old, the second male perhaps 15 to 18 and six feet tall, armed with a black handgun, the getaway driver, a male about 13-years-old. Signal Hill police tied the two robberies together, based on suspect and vehicle descriptions and proximity of the stores.

5300 block of Paramount Blvd. After 10 p.m., two males and two females robbed a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles that yielded $300, cigarettes and candy. Two hours later, four females and one male robbed the 7-Eleven in Lakewood of cash, with the suspects leaving in a white Kia. The above robbers may well have been captured while committing another robbery in Carson just after midnight on Saturday when a deputy sheriff stopped in for a drink and saw the suspects behind the counter. With backup, busted.

Friday, January 12

100 block of Bay Shore Ave. At 3:30 p.m., a firebug did that to a discarded Christmas, which spread to a utility pole and garages of two residences. Pole and garage damage estimated $20,000 to $30,000, the tree, not so much.

Clark Ave. and Atherton St. A very large convoy of bicyclists headed north at 9 p.m. Others had seen the similar two-wheelers on Ocean Boulevard earlier.

Clark Ave. A police pursuit of a Riverside stolen Mercedes Benz traveled “up and down Clark, Traffic Circle, LBX, Ximeno. He was all over.” As of the 11 p.m. news, police got the car “but guy still at large.”

Saturday, January 13

2000 block of W. Spring St. At 7:29 p.m., two women argued, one stabbed her counterpart, wounding her upper body. A female teenager intervened and got stabbed for her trouble. Both wounds were non-life-threatening.

67th Street and Indiana Ave. At 8:34 p.m., a shooter did just that, hitting no one or property, taking the firearm and departed.

1400 block of Magnolia Ave. At 11:34 p.m., a shooter did just that yet again, hitting no one or property, then as by example set above, taking the firearm and departed.

Monday, January 15

Harbor Scenic Dr. and Queens Hwy. At 7:50 a.m., a 2020 Kia Optima was speeding southbound struck the center median curb and an overpass pillar head on. The driver died at scene.

1200 block of Olive Ave. At 9:43 p.m., two women told police a man had pointed a firearm at them during a dispute, then went inside his nearby residence. He refused to surrender, thus a SWAT call-out and with that, Alfonzo Crear, 72, surrendered, booked for assault with a deadly weapon. Bail: $30,000.

Tuesday, January 16

25th Pl. A police pursuit of a Lakewood murder suspect, which began in Hollywood, featured a man driving a black Infinity and his female passenger who came to an abrupt halt and arrest at 25th Place at 2 a.m.

Saturday, January 20

6700 block of Paramount Blvd. At 1:29 a.m., a man stabbed by a not-known man experienced non-life-threatening stab wounds to the upper body.

2100 block of Earl Ave. At 11:19 p.m., police located bullet casings of a motive-free shooting.


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