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July 15

Cherry Ave./37th St.  A pedestrian was struck and killed during the noon hour by a vehicle headed northbound on Cherry Ave. In a release, LBPD says LBFD was first on scene treating a male adult in the driver’s seat of a 2001 Honda Accord (with major front-end damage). The adult male pedestrian was lying on the sidewalk north of the Honda’s location; LBFD pronounced him deceased at the scene. LBPD says its preliminary investigation “revealed that the driver of the Honda was in the number two lane of northbound Cherry Avenue when he looked down and drifted right. The vehicle collided with a pedestrian who was walking in the street northbound on Cherry Avenue near the east curb...”  LBPD says the Honda’s driver was transported to a local hospital for observation.”

July 14

7th St/Cherry Ave., noon hour: Pedestrian is struck by a vehicle.  Driver cooperates with police.

Broadway/Alamitos Ave. 5 a.m. hour: Burglary suspect spotted on rooftop of building, avoids police by jumping from one rooftop to another, draws crowd urging him to give up; PD takes him into custody in 9 a.m. hour

July 12

4400 block E. Los Coyotes Diagonal, 1:45 a.m.: A man walking through/around Traffic Circle is struck by vehicle.  Vehicle’s driver remains on scene, cooperates with investigation.

July 11

Woodruff Ave. South of Conant/Heartwell Park area, 7 p.m.: A four-vehicle hit/run collision left three vehicles seriously damaged, but no persons seriously injured. “The suspect vehicle fled prior to officers’ arrival and is believed to have been a white Mercedes Benz coupe,” says LBPD/LBFD responded but didn’t transport anyone to hospitals. Incredibly, no major injuries reported LBPD says it initially responded to the area of Woodruff/Huntdale but photos show wreckage further north near Heartwell Park.

July 10

100 block Pomona Ave. About 6 p.m. LBPD arrests a man who allegedly burglarized and ransacked a home on Pomona Ave. after possibly committing an armed robbery at a 2nd St. business a few hours earlier. LBPD initially responded to the 5200 block of E. 2nd St. in the 2 p.m. hour after an armed robbery to a business. The suspect allegedly walked out with property after threatening employees with a bladed weapon. Officers searched for the suspect but didn’t find him until about 6 p.m. when officers were sent to the 100 block of Pomona Ave. regarding a residential burglary in progress. Based on information from witnesses to the burglary, officers concluded that the same suspect was involved in the earlier armed robbery. Officers set up a containment perimeter, requested SWAT when the suspect didn’t come out of the house; the suspect was eventually located and arrested inside the home.

July 9

Ramona Park, 3300 block E. 65th St. At 3:15 p.m. a suspect drives up and shoots a man and woman sitting in a parked vehicle. One of the victims hit by shrapnel; the other uninjured.

July 6

2500 block E. Artesia Blvd. 3:40 a.m. Man is shot/wounded near Paramount Blvd.


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