Congressional Race

John Briscoe

I won my hard-fought primary against the interloper from Westminster. School Trustee John Briscoe remains the Republican Party Nominee for 47th Congress District. Now onto November and Lowenthal, a tough slug again.

IF Bernie Sander voters stay home ; IF democrat turnout is low anyway due to no overarching governor or senator race on the ballot and guaranteed Biden win in CA; IF all Republicans get charged-up and show-up; THEN all I have to do is persuade no political party (NPP) voters who do show up to vote for me; I just need 10% more. 50% of votes + one = victory for me.

My self-description will be: “John Briscoe = Common Sense Progressive. Remember, Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive, a progressive Republican.

I must appeal to NPP middle-of-the-roaders and win their support to win or Lowenthal wins in November only to find a Republican-run Congress, which equals misery for him and he resigns for ‘health’ reasons (and age reasons I believe he’ll be an octogenarian in 2021 – 80 years old. Retire I say!



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