COVID-19 & 1918 Influenza


Thank you for the excellent look back to our future [by Claudine Burnett, March 27 issue].

Leslie Charlesworth


I am a food driver on a daily basis and I am appalled at how many people are still out on the streets of Long Beach – especially downtown but also in the park areas of Alamitos Beach, the Bluff, along Long Beach Boulevard and on 7th and Redondo.

The bus schedule has cut their schedule, which now presents a problem of social spacing of riders when the bus arrives at the 1st Street and shelter station downtown.

Right outside my current parking place, where the Harvey Milk memorial is, are a constant 15-20 vagrant/homeless/loiterers. My parking place is a mile away from where I live but when I am done delivering for the day, Alamitos Beach is overfull with the cars of residents staying home, so thank you City of Long Beach for issuing me a parking pass for this garage.

My heart goes out to local restaurants trying to make it, but I am disappointed going into some of the places where food workers are not gloved. Little Caesars pizza on PCH just east of Atlantic has no social distancing steps in place and the workers inside don’t seem concerned. Hopefully this is corrected soon. As for now, I won’t go there.

The last observation is this: In the 36 years I have lived in Long Beach, I have never seen as many reckless/speeding drivers ever. The roads, urban streets and freeways (710/405/91) are more dangerous now because the roads are no longer clogged with our usual volume. But these are people not out to go get food and other staples. These people are flat out making things as dangerous or more than the virus time.

First responders and folks providing essential services could use some enforcement to get these a**holes off the streets during this trying time.

Mark Hawkins


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