Domenico’s is Lame; Legends is Cool

Jonathan Pekar
Legend's wings.

I wrote a passionately and sincere article about how much I love the pizza and servers at Domenico’s on 2nd Street. However, the manager was such a rude jerk when I went to do some research and get photographs I decided to scrap the entire piece.

I would have stormed out of there in disgust but before the “manager incident” I ordered pasta to go (it was wonderful) and had to wait by the cashier for ten awkward minutes asking myself, “What did I do wrong?”

I would watch the manager check on me from afar, not exactly sure why I was still in is his restaurant. This made for a more disenfranchising moment while I just stared and smiled. I thought to myself that he looked like Frylock the french-fry character on Aqua Teen Hunger Force but acted like Carl! So, I let his rudeness prevail.

I am after all, no model citizen but how he had such knowledge of the true me through my façade of professional journalism is not possible. He didn’t have such observational qualities in him. I know I will not eat at Domenico’s anymore because of him and it is my loss. The penalties for being a food critic and that sort of thing, I guess.

The good news is I drifted across the street to Legends Restaurant and Sports Bar. Legends is cool, unlike our local Frylock looking Carl across the street.

Legends is packed with Long Beach locals representing why Long Beach rules! It is a fun and lively atmosphere. You feel comfortable and at ease in a frenzy of personality and timeless Southern California charm. The walls at Legends are sky-high and filled with authentic sports memorabilia and an actual racing car just to leave your eyes in awe.

This place is big! Large screens everywhere you look. Excellent cheeseburgers, great chicken wings and the roasted turkey and avocado sandwich is amazing. Legends has happy hour specials for every day of the week and does a great job knowing the importance of serving chicken and waffles always, day or night.

Parking is a little tricky around 2nd Street but don’t let that stop you from making the drive. The prices are reasonable at Legends and the staff is friendly and great to be around. It is places like Legends that makes going out fun again.

I want to share the positive experiences of Greater Long Beach and have fun doing it. This is why I am writing about the food in our community (also that I am too injured to skate or surf at present moment plays into it a great deal). I am your Food Dude and I will not lead you to lameness! Try not to take any guff from the swine and enjoy pursuing happiness. Go eat for yourself.



Us former dough spinners learned Domenicos was a dud with our 1973 "owner incident", after Craig-o flashed a .38 and fired a real Legend-Joe Carlson-inspiring a "storming out in disgust" mass resignation on a Friday at 4:50 pm by me, Ron, David, Ted and Robbie.
"Such a rude jerk"!

Joe Carlson? You mean the elite athlete, Long Beach Marathon founder, Poly High principal, Century Club president emeritus, the crème de la crème of Long Beach?

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