Former QM Operator Misrepresented the Truth

Benny Morales

When observing invoices Urban Commons would submit to reimburse the City of Long Beach for work that was performed by the vendors they hired, misrepresentation of the truth continues.

The Long Beach City auditor’s office has just confirmed in an official statement on May 26 stating the prior operator of the Queen Mary Urban Commons, has in fact lied through misrepresenting information in invoices about paying vendors when they have not.  Urban Commons as well as some vendors have not provided all the necessary information to match the cash distribution documents Urban Commons has previously provided.

These invoices had been stamped paid by Urban Commons assuring the City of Long Beach that these vendors had been paid, though these payments were not confirmed. Thanks to tracking documents Urban Commons developed to list all payments they distributed to the vendors; the auditor offices was able to compare these receipts with the invoices and found that these vendors were paid 51 days after Urban Commons originally invoiced the city.

“This finding provides clear proof that Urban Commons intentionally and explicitly misrepresented the truth to the City.” says the City of Long Beach in an official statement.

Another ongoing issue that has yet to be resolved is the essential information that has not been provided regarding the accuracy of the payments made for intended repairs, which was required on the lease agreement. This information refers to electronic check register, cash account detail, bank statements and cancelled checks, cashier’s checks, wire transfers, or any other payments paid to vendors and subcontractors relating to the $23 million funded by the City. 

The City of Long Beach claims that they will continue to pursue this troublesome investigation no matter how much Urban Commons misrepresents the truth. You can find more information regarding the audit at

Though the Urban Commons audit is important, it is not the only focus the City of Long Beach has their eyes on. Court documents state that the Queen Mary is in danger of flooding or even capsizing within the next two years and no one can seem to pull through with the repairs to stop it. If something is not done soon, the tourist attraction that brings income and over 2,000 jobs can soon come to an end.

The once luxurious ship that transported celebrities, royalty, and troops in the 1930’s may be seeing its final days soon if no one fixes the ships crucial repairs.


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