Haubert, Doud & McIntosh Win in Primary Election

PROSECUTOR DOUG HAUBERT celebrates his substantial lead at 58.8% of the votes in the June 7 Long Beach municipal election at Kennedy’s Restaurant. The final count is anticipated on or before July 7. Pictured are Haubert, Andrew Rendon, Orlando Rangel and Chile Gomez.

The June 7 primary election resulted in seven local offices being decided with candidates receiving more than 50 percent of the vote and eight others facing a November runoff.

Official winners and second place finishers from June 14 tallies included:

City Attorney – Dawn McIntosh 55.79% vs. Gerrie Schipske 44.21%

City Auditor – Laura L. Doud 61.19% vs. Daniel Miles 38.81%

City Prosecutor – Doug Haubert 58.23% vs. Nick Liddi 21.16%

City Council District 1 – Mary L. Zendejas 50.57% vs. Mariela Salgado 28.80%

City Council District 7– Roberto Uranga 59.76% vs. Carlos S. Ovalle 28.85%

LB Unified School District 5 – Diana F. Craighead 62.10% vs. Melissa Pittscutler 37.90%

Participating in the Nov. 8 runoff election will be:

U.S. Representative, 42nd District – Robert Garcia 46.56% vs. John Briscoe 26.86%

State Assembly, 69th District – Josh Lowenthal 45.83% vs. Al Austin 26.55%

LA County Sheriff – Alex Villanueva 31.86% vs. Robert Luna 25.98%

Long Beach Mayor – Rex Richardson 43.45% vs. Suzie Price 37.99%

City Council District 3 – Kristina Duggan 22.58% vs. Nima J. Novin 19.88%

City Council District 5 – Megan Kerr 48.29% vs. Ian Patton 31.64%

City Council District 9 – Joni Ricks-Oddie 48.06% vs. Ginny Gonzales 24.18%

LB Unified School District 1 – Maria Isabel Lopez 42.38% vs. Nubia Flores 30.49%



Alex Villanueva versus Robert Luna in a runoff for Sheriff. I wonder when the two will both eventually share a prison cell in shame after they are finally prosecuted for their misconduct and illegal acts.

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