'Herons Not Haters'

Diana Lejins
SKUNK PRODUCTIONS shooting an Old Navy commercial at El Dorado Park precariously close to Great Blue Heron nesting sites on Wednesday morning drew environmental picketers to protest the disturbance of the long-established nesting rookery. The protesters claimed that the herons may abandon their nests if disturbed.  With the ever-encroaching march of “civilization” they fear that the park will become devoid of these beautiful birds. Emily Scott, on site from the City of Long Beach events office, refused to comment or provide a copy of the permit, which described “scenes taking place in grass areas and include walk and talk, talent jumping on a trampoline, dancing, playing with kites and frisbees, hitting a piñata and barbecueing.” Protesters, left to right, included  Jill Brennan,  Tahesha Christensen, Ann Cantrell and Anna Christensen.


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