Ignorant People Voting

Leo Mitchell

Smart phones are making people dumb. You’ve seen them, walking down the street staring at their phones and not aware of their surroundings. Most of these smart phone zombies don’t have a clue about what California and city governments are doing. Most people I know that are always on their phone are just looking at social media or other forms of entertainment. They don’t know that Jerry “Moon Beam” Brown and the democratic legislature raised the gasoline tax and vehicle registration fees.

The legislators are turning the capitol in Sacramento into a monarchy! We voted several years ago that taxes couldn’t be raised without the approval of the taxpayers. Now they are ignoring that law. The new tax is supposed to fix the roads and infrastructure such as bridges etc. In the past tax increases, a lot of the money was diverted into the general fund to pay for city and state retirees. Thousands of them receive $100,000 and more a year.

No doubt, the same will happen this time around. The state and cities are several hundred billion dollars in the hole for these pensions.

They also don’t know that the Democrat politicians in California are trying to change the recall rules to keep a politician that voted for the tax and registration increases from being recalled. That way they can maintain the power to have control over taxes etc.

I could go on and on about the abuse coming from liberal Democrat politicians in this state. It’s disgusting.

The politicians are gaining more power as the population is becoming more ignorant and I bet the politicians love it. President Johnson once said “I like ignorant people. They’re the one’s that voted for me.”


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