Independent Expenditures Not Being Reported

Attorney Gerrie Schipske has notified the city clerk that independent expenditures are not being reported to candidates as required by City Code Section 2.01.630.

Schipske, who is a candidate for city attorney, received a mailer paid by the independent expenditure committee, Neighbors for a Better Long Beach, supposedly in support of her opponent.

“The mailer, although poorly designed, calls my opponent a ‘Great White Shark’ in a rather lame attempt to convince voters to support her. Nevertheless, my campaign was not notified of this independent expenditure within 24 hours as the city requires. In fact, my campaign was never informed at all by this committee as required by law.”

Schipske points out that under city code, any independent expenditure made must be reported to both the city clerk and “all candidates running for the same seat” within “24 hours” of making the expenditure.

“Ironically, this violation is being done in support of a candidate for city attorney who has to enforce the city law,” reminds Schipske who has made anti-corruption a cornerstone of her campaign.

With tongue-in-cheek, Schipske says she will also alert the Long Beach Lifeguards about the potential for a shark attack now that the mailer has infested local homes. “Long Beach residents need to take precautions as these sharks are predators. They are loners and don't play well with others. They are aggressive, and the smallest provocation will lead to a violent reaction or attack,” she said.

Attorney Gerrie Schipske is the only candidate for city attorney with over 32 years of legal, legislative and administrative experience at every level of government and the private sector. She is the only candidate for city attorney to be honored at The White House as a Champion of Change for Open Government and to make anti-corruption her top priority.




Like i said many times, the LBC is a criminal organization that will do what it has to in order to keep things the way they are. Gerrie Schipske you already got my VOTE please don't let us down and hold these dirty players past and present PD and city employees accountable.

What are Gerrie's ballot endorsements and how do they differ from those of the Beachcomber?

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