Lakewood Village Trees

This article seems negative to me, stating money spent in shopping centers is because of ADA lawsuits. Debbie was among 100 shop owners driven nuts by trees, mess and sticky goop. The four-day notice that came quicker than the original September or October plan was exciting.

Stacy Mungo’s help is the first time in 40 years of operating a business and owning property on Norse Way that a council person has helped the 1943 center. Both Kells and Schipske said “No funds; curbs do not require ADA. We can’t take care of sidewalks of homes.”

Thank You Stacy Mungo

Vicki Ferguson

The shops lost the pleasant come-shop-here look. I was so angry when I came back from vacation and found the gorgeous healthy trees were pulled out like cheap weeds. All they needed was to trim them. As for the sidewalks they could be repaired with the trees there.

I am outraged and disappointed with the city that claims trees aren’t removed if healthy. Those trees were healthy. I don’t want to shop on that street anymore, because of the ugly reminder.

Edma [online comment]


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