Last Minute Redistricting Map Would Cut Much of East Side Area Out of District 5

Bill Pearl

In changes that could affect Long Beach elections for the next ten years, a last-minute map advocated by political interests would cut an additional populated area out of Council District 5, blocking incumbent Stacy Mungo and challengers Gerrie Schipske, Corliss Lee and Michelle Dobson.

It would give the newly proposed populated area (NE quadrant of Plaza area north to Wardlow Road) to CD 4 Supernaw and attaches a large area west of the airport (Cal Heights and a divided Bixby Knolls) to CD 5.

The last-minute map would also give the downtown entertainment district to CD 2's Allen (producing two downtown area representatives favored by downtown interests.) CD 1's Zendejas, whose current district is a mainly working-class area with a disproportionate number of shootings, would include the port, a source of potential lucrative campaign contributions as she seeks re-election in 2022.

The last-minute map proposes to amend Map 2, which is the only map currently advanced for discussion at tonight's (Nov. 10) Redistricting Commission meeting, although the commission can legally consider and support amendments or other maps.

In a Nov. 9 email, former CD 2 councilmember Jeannine Pearce says the last-minute map has "over 50 names" in support and "protects Black neighborhoods, keeps the Cambodian community together, and solidifies a Latino Cultural district that includes a library and the Museum of Latin America Art."

Tonia Reyes Uranga (former CD 7 Councilwoman and spouse of CD 7 incumbent Roberto Uranga) has told that she would support the last-minute map changes to Map 2 which she supported at the Nov. 3 Redistricting Commission meeting. [Map 2 and the last-minute map would effectively solidify previously gerrymandered Wrigley and solidify the political base of incumbent Roberto Uranga, seeking reelection in 2022.]


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