Lawn to Garden

Steven Thornbury

I moved into my house on Termino about eight years ago. After moving in I immediately realized that my garden was not water tolerant and started my own program to get there. I never asked the water department to help.

Over the years I completely changed everything to tolerance except the lawn. I always wanted a lawn. After a few years I knew it had to go. I knew what I wanted to do but I couldn’t afford the project but I removed the lawn anyway and let it be dirt. I decided on artificial turf, which I had already used in my backyard six years ago.

While I waited for the funds I received a notice in the mail about the Lawn to Garden program. I couldn’t do anything yet. Finally I was able to have the turf installed. The program said I could earn funds for the project. It said that homeowners could receive up to $3,750 at $2.50 per foot up to 1,500 feet. I didn’t want that. I only replaced 228 square feet. I called the program. After describing the above they replied that the only way to avail the program is if they come over, put together a plan for the yard and then incent me to use the plan.

I reminded them that I didn’t need a plan, I already did a plan, and you don’t need to incent me, I already am incented.

I have the before and after photos and the receipt from the company that installed the turf. for $1,600. Still, probably four or five times, all they could say was plan and incent. Went up the ladder, still “incent.”

One of the guys there even told me that this has happened numerous times with residents. Is this a classic nonsense political rip-off lunacy?



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