LB Treasure

I not only know the location of the photo in your April 13 edition, I know its history. It is a large rock at the National Guard armory at Redondo and Stearns in Long Beach. More specifically, that side of the street is 3500 Stearns. The yellow painting is the Ordnance logo for the U.S. Army.

As for its history, many years ago the rock was found in a quarry near San Diego and the Military Department planned to move it to Sacramento to be placed at the National Guard Headquarters there. It was loaded on a truck but the truck kept breaking down because of the immense size and weight. When it reached Long Beach, the axle broke on the flat bed and the National Guard decided to drop it at the Long Beach armory instead of moving it to Sacramento. It has been there ever since as a marker for whatever unit happened to be stationed there at the time. The Ordnance Corps is no longer there but the yellow logo remains.

Jerry L. Shultz



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