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SEADIP Disaster

In spite of millions of dollars, years of efforts and numerous public meetings, the effort to revise SEADIP is a failure. The public’s main issues: traffic standstill on PCH and Second Street and Protection of the Los Cerritos Wetlands, have not only been ignored, but will be made worse with 2,584 new housing units, 5 to 7-story buildings and the expansion of bicycle and pedestrian paths through the middle of the wetlands.

Although the Coastal Commission staff has worked diligently and added 16 suggested modifications to the SEASP plan, there are many issues that need to still be addressed.

The new tree trimming policies, water quality protection and need for low-cost overnight rooms are consistent with the requirements of the Coastal Act; however, density, building height, traffic, sea level rise, native culture and protection of the wetlands are still not addressed.

The DEIR stated: “The proposed coastal habitat, wetlands & recreation land use designation encourages trails and public viewing areas and allows for the development of visitor-serving recreation or an interpretive center. Additionally, the proposed project would increase residential uses, increasing population in the project area.

“The proposed uses and Specific Plan buildout would attract residents and visitors to the wetland areas. Increased recreational use has damaging effects on wildlife due to trampling, bicycle use and unregulated movement of domestic animals. The impact of human intrusion into sensitive biological resources could result in a significant impact.”

There is a planned bicycle/pedestrian path across the northern section of the wetlands, adjacent to the Los Cerritos Channel, in spite of the dangers to wetlands flora and fauna. (See map on pg. 123 of exhibits)

Long Beach has numerous bike trails – one right next to the wetlands on the San Gabriel River. This is totally unneeded. All public trails should be on the perimeter of the wetlands to protect the plant and animal species.

In addition to the almost 300-page staff report, we were told there is to be an addendum from staff, which will not be available until Monday or Tuesday and can only be responded to during public comment on Thursday. Because of lack of public notice and time to respond, the Sierra Club Los Cerritos Wetlands Task Force is urging the commission to not vote on this project on, but to hold another hearing to address all of the issues.

Ann Cantrell,
Sierra Club Los Cerritos Wetlands Task Force



When I found out that 99.9% of people 1 to 69 survive the virus and then found that a major percentage of deaths are still from seniors in [nursing] homes and that about 30% of all virus deaths had other major complications. What have these outrageous declarations from health officials got to do with anything?

I’m a 71-year-old retired asthmatic carpenter who wears a mask and washes my hands more often than a surgeon but I’m not a young person under 50 who isn’t even likely to show the virus let alone die from it. More people die from cancer and many other diseases than this virus and they keep shoving it down our throats like we should all hide in our homes.

Get schools open and kids learning. Get people back to work when they get well and start having life being worth living again. This is absurd and I’m on the endangered list saying this. What about kids, young adults, graduates wanting to go to work and parents with small children having to stay home? Teachers who are paid to do that very thing. If teachers aren’t essential, then no one is.

Vance Frederick


Cindy Allen

I can’t get a response either [Open Letter, Sept. 25] but you forget one thing. How much money has she made at her business since she announced her candidacy until Becky sold the business? Based on previous years it has got to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $250,000 to $500,000 and if that isn’t an indictable offense due to her misrepresentation, I don’t know what is.

Thank you for your articles opening up the behavior with the cabal but please pursue with state or federal agencies until someone will follow through and look into this RICO machine. Or how about Joel Grover or other television stations that have started the conversations over the years with Compton and Bell who are totally out of Long Beach’s corrupt league.

Charles Beckman


Is it that “the best defense is an offense” and candidate Cindy Allen is blowing smoke to distract the public from the unanswered questions that plague her candidacy? Or is this a case of “false empathy” – imagining that because she would lie and dodge the truth, that others would do the same? Most disturbing is that LB Post would encourage this candidate and her smokescreen by giving her accusations the time of day. Mr. Downing, your integrity is not in question, hers is.

Corliss Lee


Challenge Coin

I’m African American. I agree with writer Marc Cobb [that] Downing and others continue to try and tear down the LBPD. Why are we constantly attempting to hold the LBPD accountable for things in which there is no evidence? What proof is there that the LBPD is corrupt? Where is the evidence that the LBPD is under any investigation for corruption? It’s nothing more a bunch of conjecture and BS.

Let’s start holding the individuals accountable that are burning buildings down, looting and with needless violence. Let’s start holding the individuals accountable that can’t seem to follow the simplest of instructions given by a police officer. Let’s start holding the individuals accountable for killing newborns and dumping their bodies into trash bins. Let’s start holding individuals accountable for fighting, pulling knives and guns on our police officers.

Let’s stop using racism as an excuse every time when things don’t go our way; that in part is what keeps the racism going on in our country that we claim we want to stop.

And whether or not writer Marc Cobb is or was a cop is beside the point. Let’s quit crapping on the police and start crapping on the undisciplined individuals that have absolutely no self-control, are out there committing crimes and interfering with public peace.

Mark Alonzo


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