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Police Reform

The history of police reform proves it to be a booby trap laden, sometimes deadly endeavor. Danger has never dissuaded Steve Downing or the Beachcomber.

Honesty and good citizenship, so long out of fashion, demand we support their efforts in this fight against the LBPD’s efforts at cover up. Go Downing and Beachcomber!

Joe Viola


Responsible Planning

Citizens About Responsible Planning (CARP) is prepared to drop its lawsuit against approval of the $80+ million proposed Belmont Beach Aquatic Center (BBAC) provided the City of Long Beach commits to building public pools in underserved Long Beach neighborhoods.

The Coastal Commission’s recent approval of Long Beach City Hall’s plan, to spend $80+ million on the proposed Belmont Beach Aquatic Center (BBAC) in Belmont Shore, is conditioned on the city coming up with an effective social equity plan. However, the city’s present plan does not fully address Long Beach equity issues.

Under the city’s plan, some youth from underserved neighborhoods would be bused to the proposed BBAC in Belmont Shore. This plan imposes extra travel inconvenience and lost time precisely on folks who are already disadvantaged. In addition, this plan does not address ADA concerns.

Many handicapped and disabled persons, both young and old, would need to travel 10 miles or more across Long Beach to the proposed BBAC site. It is important for our Multiple Sclerosis family to have more handicap accessible pool facilities available in addition to locations like the Silverado Pool we have used for years.

A more equitable solution is for the City of Long Beach to commit to building two or more additional public pools directly in the neighborhoods which need them most. Pools in additional underserved locations would provide more equity and would be better situated to serve all city residents, youth as well as elderly, handicapped and disabled.”

Rae Gabelich , Fran Itkoff, Renee Lawler & Joe Weinstein


Rush Limbaugh

In a day and a time that to be a conservative means that it’s no longer correct to be patriotic, economically conservative, mindful of the growing bureaucracy, caring about the middle class and worried about our stance in the national order of the global community it’s “normal” that so many on the left are belittling and besmirching a man in death who did so much for not only conservatives but also for radio in general and did it all with a good heart and openness to speak with and discuss anything.

Now lefties are making him a target for their own hatred of anything they don’t like and want erased. This from people like Bette Midler who has the perfect face for radio. That last sentence is something liberals would say with malice instead of out of humor. There really is a large difference. If we can’t laugh we can’t see life as it is. Laughter is better than belittling.

Vance Frederick


White House Fence

Nancy Polosi and the Democrats want to keep the chain link fence around the White House but were against the wall on the border saying it won’t work. The 30-foot wall made of steel on the border is a lot more capable of keeping people out than the White house wire fence that a person with wire cutters can easily cut through.

This shows what hypocrites the Democrats are, especially Polosi who campaigned against the fence with the other hypocrite, Chuck Schumer.

Leo Mitchell


Movie Review

I was excited to see the movie review of James Harriot’s “All Creaters Great and Small.” I have read all his wonderful books of his life’s adventures as a country vet and I am a great fan.

Some years ago, I ordered his book: James Harriot’s Yorkshire, first printed in 1979. To my surprise it contained his signature; how lucky I felt. In his book he talks about the making of a TV show of his country vet adventures. From time to time I go back and re-read some of these wonderful stories.

Thank you for this wonderful story.

Debbie Copple



I cannot believe the hypocrisy of Rae Gabelich. When Ms. Gabelich was a Long Beach Councilperson, North Long Beach was selected to be among over a dozen U.S. cities to share a more than $1-billion gift from Ray and Joan Kroc in partnership with The Salvation Army to develop youth centers for impoverished communities. Councilwoman Gabelich voted against Long Beach providing $15 million in matching funding for the $140 million North Long Beach project. The Salvation Army saw this as Long Beach’s lack of commitment and was forced to pull the plug on the project. Instead, Councilwoman Gabelich voted that same year to tear down Belmont Plaza Pool with the stated intent of rebuilding a new one in its place.

Now Ms. Gabelich has the gall to file a law suit against the swimming pool she voted for as a Councilperson claiming she wants to help underserved areas of Long Beach when in fact, she was one of the elected leaders who created that situation by turning down the gift offered by the Kroc Foundation and Salvation Army. What a hypocrite.


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