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Bill Pearl Passes

Bill Pearl has been our local hero in journalism for the last 21 years in Long Beach, publishing the on-line news publication LBreport. Bill has been fighting cancer for the past couple of years and when he stopped posting on Nov. 25, 2021, it was a sure sign he was in trouble. His dedication to tracking down news stories is legendary, and all the election news surfacing right now would have been tantalizing to him.

He would research, analyze and take apart the details of what was going on in Long Beach piece by piece, digesting it and producing thoughtful newsworthy articles explaining the angles to the rest of us. His was an important job in our community and no one could have been more dedicated to the job of keeping the lights turned on in Long Beach.

The words “rest in peace” are customary when people pass. I can’t imagine Bill Pearl doing anything of the kind. I believe he will rage on, inspiring the rest of us to fight the good fight holding honesty and integrity as our sword, and always speaking our truth.

His passing was announced by his family. They intend to continue publishing LBreport as were his wishes.

He will surely be missed.

Corliss Lee


Carefully Crafted Conspiracy

I disagree with Mr. Patton’s statement [City Manager Whitewashes Chief Luna’s Misconduct, first posted online 12/31/21] that City Manager Modica’s response “represents a staggering level of incoherence and incompetence.” In my opinion, the city manager’s response was the end result of a carefully crafted conspiracy among upper management, including the mayor’s office, to utilize the statute of limitations as a way to avoid justified political and legal consequences.

Michael Ruehle

I would like to thank [Stephen Downing] for all your articles in our local newspaper. You are so honest and let us know what is really happening. I believe every word you write but the truth is frightening. I cannot believe what is happening and what choices our City Council is making.

Not being able to trust those who are supposed to represent the voters is unconscionable. Please continue writing your informative, heartfelt articles. I know we all appreciate your expertise and background.

Catherine Jette


Representing Whom?

I see that Congressman Alan Lowenthal has announced he will not run for another term representing Congressional District 47 that includes much of Long Beach. Did anyone even know he was our congressional representative?

Last I heard he was convening an emergency meeting to discuss banning offshore drilling in California because a container ship’s anchor dragged across a submerged pipeline. Whatever happened to that? Nothing of course, just like the rest of his time in office. That accident was handled very quickly.

He’s not satisfied to have you pay $5 for a gallon of gas. He wants it to be $6, maybe $7. That will happen if you cut oil production even more, create further domestic supply shortages and leave us to the whims of OPEC. Who does that hurt? The working poor and low-income, blue collar people who have to drive to make a living. Good job!

He was a big supporter of Obamacare. A health insurance plan with a $5,000 deductible forced on the American public under threat of financial penalty and enforced by the IRS. He publicly wrote about how terrific it was, but he never signed up for it. Why would he? That’s for you, not an important person like him.

A representative for the people? A common man’s representative? You decide.

Robert Van der Upwich


Pedestrian Deaths

California’s pedestrian fatality rate is almost 25% higher than the national average. No other state has more pedestrian deaths on its roadways than California. (California Office of Traffic Safety).

Our 16-year-old son, Aiden Tai Gossage, was killed by a reckless driver. He is our son, not another statistic. Neighbors, please consider traffic safety a priority. Please don’t speed. Please join us and make a commitment to saving lives.

Aiden, I’m sorry I can’t bring you back. But I can protect your friends/family; I can help save others. I love you, son.

Lily Gossage
[via Nextdoor]


Streets of Shame

We would like to add the Ladoga Ave., 3800 block, between Parkcrest and Alberan to your list.

The previous owner of our home tried for 15 years to have their walkway repaired. We have been here since 2017 and have had no luck in getting the city to do anything but band aids. I did a personal audit of our street and we have around 20-plus walkways that are severely lifted. We have seen people walking in the street to avoid the sidewalks.

We have high taxes and dismal city services.

Paul Walsh

Will our next mayor or counsel person allow this to happen to a person with a walker or wheelchair? This is in the front of the Parks main office [and] blocking the sidewalk is happening in many locations in Long Beach.

Manuel Miranda, [via Nextdoor]


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