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These incidents [Exposure of LBPD Corruption Frees Man Serving 40-Year Prison Sentence] provide all the evidence voters need to reject the city’s attempt to amend the powers given to the CPCC in 1989. While it’s not as strong as it could be, the current law beats the hell out of the proposed changes.

Any suggestion that the new ordinance will improve civilian oversight is plain and simple a fraud.

Tom Beck


As a victim of the LBPD and the CPCC, it should obvious to the public by now that the old/current CPCC isn’t working well and the new one won’t either. I attended the last CPCC special hearing and it seemed that all current city councilpersons did not have full understanding of the proposed plan either.

What I’m going through in my lawsuits has taken years and is very, very costly. The amount of deemed “unfounded” status in CPCC cases staggering. We will see what happens.

Tracy Dean Alcantar


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