Letters to the Editor

Streets of Shame

Every day when I drive through Long Beach, I find myself trying to dodge potholes on the streets and the alley behind my home. I see the Beachcombers “Streets of Shame” list continuing to grow.

Enclosed is a letter from the City of Lakewood to its residents advising them of the upcoming new street pavements. Why can’t the City of Long Beach with all its tax revenues embark on a street/alley re-pavement system instead of just sending its pothole repair truck up and down streets? Our streets/alleys are a disgrace.

Don Kaiser


Intelligent President

Even though rents in the country are high and still climbing due to demand out weighing supply, Biden won’t do anything to stop the inflow of immigrants coming into the country illegally. Since he’s been in office, more than two million have crossed the border. How does he expect all these people to find housing and support themselves?

I guess he will hand out free tents so they can live on the sidewalks and send them to the welfare office to get taxpayer money. Oh wait, it won’t cost the taxpayers anything because he’s going to have the corporations and the rich people pay for it.

I believe Biden is the most intelligent president in history.

Leo Mitchell


Rent Increases

Long Beach rents are up 18% for the last two years. The faulty rent cap bill, AB1482, was a giveaway of billions in profits for landlords that caused rent inflation. AB1482 limits landlords from raising rents more than 3%. Where did the 18% rent spike come from?

Every move by the legislature is influenced by some special interest predator and they all want one thing and are willing to pay for it. It’s called pay for play.

This scam will go down in state history was of one of the largest rip-offs of renters ever, producing an unprecedented 18% inflationary rent spike! The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and more government money goes to rent subsidies.

Larry Boland


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