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LBPD Corruption

As a victim of The LBPD and the CPCC, it should obvious to the public by now that old/current CPCC isn’t working well and the New One won’t either. [Man Freed from Serving 40-Year Sentence, Aug. 12] I attended the last CPCC Special Hearing and it seemed that all current city councilpersons did not have full understanding of the proposed plan either.

What I’m going through in my lawsuits has taken years and is very very costly. The amount of deemed “unfounded” status in CPCC cases staggering. We will see what happens

Tracy Dean Alcantar



In a letter referring to Spring St. bike lanes, [Beachcomber 09/10/2022], Vance Fredrick says, “Please find the losers doing these idiot things…” Mr. Fredrick qualifies as one of the losers in question.

This project was discussed openly in the district with public hearings. It is representative government in action, but only for those willing to participate rather than pontificate.

Ringo Gato


Ridiculous Decisions

Democratic California government has not fixed our water shortage even though they’ve had decades and billions in tax revenue to do it. They’ve gotten billions to fix our electric grid problem and done nothing.

They’ve asked for billions to stop climate change that doesn’t even exist and now they want to stop selling fossil fuel vehicles in California.

They can’t even keep electricity running our homes and businesses and they want to have all electric cars on the road? Is anybody buying this? Are all the car companies going to just close and/or sell nothing but electric cars?

Does anybody think this through before they make these completely ignorant, uniformed, drastically ridiculous decisions?

Why are these people governing our state?

Vance Frederick


Streets of Shame

When I drive through Long Beach, I find myself tring to dodge potholes on the streets and alley behind my home.

Why can’t the City of Long Beach – with all its tax revenues – embark on a street/alley repavement system instead of sending its pothole repair truck up and down streets?

Our streets/alleys are a disgrace.

Don Kaiser


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