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Wacky Neighbor

I find the Police Department NEGLIGENT in this matter [Beachcombing, this page]. Such lack of response mirrors what the police have done in other states that eventually led to mass shootings. This is a HATE crime right now.

All the neighbors have been the subject of this lunatic. The police need to arrest this man under the existing statute. Civil law can only go so far and taking a person to court for a “hate crime” is submitting something in the wrong jurisdiction. I am completely ashamed of the LBPD in that they not only have tolerated but condoned this hateful, outrageous, harmful and menacing behavior.

I have this hideous feeling that this man will use his gun, or more. This is a situation where we need the police. If you are asking regular citizens to take the law into their own hands, then you are asking for vigilante justice. Is that what this city wants? Do let us know, chief. I certainly can show up and be part of the mob if you think that is the way we are supposed to handle hateful, intimidating, menacing people.

Robert Fox

Police in this neighborhood will do nothing. I feel sad that this is happening.

The most shocking part of this is the girlfriend, Erin Summers, is a nurse. Who in their right mind would date someone like this and bring her kids near him? I feel so bad for her kids and that man’s dog. The girlfriend deserves him.

Wanda Hallberg

This wacko needs to go back to where he came from: hell. Let’s organize a rally. Let’s help these people from that bully, bastard homophobe. Enough is enough.

Police won’t do anything unless he does something to somebody and it would be too late. Calls to police to report this sicko won’t do anything.

Either you fight to have peace again or you will be living in hell like he does with extortion and bullying. Kick this devil’s abortion out of our community.

Anonymous (online)

The neighbor being targeted has been in the neighborhood over 20 years. He takes great care of his property and is very social and friendly. It is so sad that man’s home has turned into Hell instead of a relaxing place. He does not deserve that.

There is a show on called Fear Thy Neighbor. It has numerous real-life stories just like this and the person being harnessed can’t get any help until one day it goes too far and becomes deadly. He should not have to wait that long to get help with this situation. The pictures of this house are unbelievable!

Stacy (online)

The stated vision of the LBPD is “A Safe City for All People.” This situation doesn’t look safe for the poor neighbors. And the police are charged with “law enforcement.” I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that there has been a clear violation of several laws and thus it’s not a civil matter, but up to the local police to enforce the laws. I don’t understand their reluctance to get involved.

Someone from LBPD please help me to understand.

Conrad (online)


Local Election

Today, one of Ian Patton’s volunteers knocked on the door. My wife and I answered. She handed him back his flyer, saying she had completed all her votes last night and the envelope was sealed and she wasn’t opening it. Over her shoulder, I said I wanted her to vote for Ian, but she didn’t because of the attack ad mailer he put out. We both hate those. The volunteer listed patiently. When my wife and I had finished talking, he explained Ian felt he had to respond to the multiple attack ads his competitor had sent out first.

My wife didn’t know she’d started it because the other candidate has never visited us or sent us any kind of mailer. Ian visited us a little while back and I was very impressed by him. I asked my wife to vote for him and she was going to, up until the attack mailer. The volunteer then calmly educated my wife on some things and after he’d left, we both agreed he was a really good listener and communicator. I persuaded her to do her voting in-person on Tuesday evening after work and vote for Ian. She said she’ll think about it. I think she will.

I didn’t know Ian was such a great writer (his response on the $99K LB mailer). I make a living as a writer.

I read Stephen’s article about how Ms. Allen lied about the encounter with Mr. Cortes. I’ve always believed if more women were in charge of countries, there’d be less wars and more problems would be solved, and probably much faster. Just look at what a mother can get done with almost nothing to work with. But I’m not so sure anymore. Women can be just as evil as men. And some are worse.

I lost my job two years ago because my new manager was one of those horrible bosses that movies are made about. In her job interview, she said she was passionate about politics and the art of spin. On hearing that, my heart sank. In my 50 years of experience in the workplace, they make the worst kind of managers. She knew I had been considered to run the department and so she decided right from Day 1 she was going to show me she was in charge. It was clear she was going to get rid of me, sooner or later.

Of course, she looked me in the eye, smiling, saying that was not her intention. Despite keeping my head down, not allowing myself to rise to the bait of her constant hostile jabs and accomplishing an unheard of 90% success rate in my work in the first half of 2020, two days after asking her to stop demeaning me when talking to other staff, I was fired with immediate effect.

I’m suing for retaliation but will probably lose. It’s not enough to prove retaliation, I have to be in a “protected class.” Well, I’m a 60-year-old white man, the only class of human being left on the planet that is not in a protected class! In fact, we’re being hunted. Look, I’m not one of those bitter white man types. I’m really not.

I secured a great job soon after being fired, making a lot more money and life is beautiful. My wife and I have been married for 33 years and are more in love than we’ve ever been. Anyhow, the point is this. There are times in life when we have to stand up and say, NO, THIS IS WRONG. Even if I lose, the five or six thousand I’ll have to pay to my attorney will be worth it to show my ex-manager for the evil person she is and to explain all the lies and deceit and spin she fed HR. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t try. I’m preparing for losing by reminding myself how many innocent people have been in prison for decades for crimes they didn’t commit. It’s always about perspective.

If Ms. Allen did lie about what happened, I hope she is punished severely enough to convince her never to behave the same way again.

Sean Gunning


Common Sense

In a letter I wrote on Oct. 29 with the title “Suckers,” some of the things I wrote was that California had the highest amount of the homeless, welfare recipients and illegal immigrants. Letter writer Ringo Gato said that was due to California having the largest population. It also has the highest PER CAPITA!

He also states that we have the highest gross product. But we also have the second highest poverty rate. Our state education system is number 31 on the list compared to other states.

He also says that the Republican party has nothing to sell. How about common sense, which the Democrats are severely lacking. For instance, the bullet train that’s wasting billions in taxpayer’s money. Because of high taxes and regulations businesses are leaving. I could go on and on.

Leo Mitchell


Cell Tower

Thought you might like an update on the cell tower at my address, 4351 Clark Ave., in Long Beach. Thanks again for your coverage of our battle against the city and AT&T.

At our cell tower hearing during the Oct. 18 City Council meeting, the council’s vote tied 3-3, with Austin, Price and Supernaw opposed to the motion. Price stated that if we couldn’t be granted an appeal, no one could. She further stated that seeing the process firsthand (all previous appeals, unanimously denied, having gone through the public works department), it was an appeal process ‘in name only’. No citizen could win. She said the city should revisit its telecom ordinance (as it is written only for the industry’s benefit, not for citizens).

The presiding city attorney, Gary Anderson, immediately stated that the 3-3 vote meant our appeal had been denied. His call didn’t make sense. The motion was to deny our appeal. A majority vote would have resulted in the denial of our appeal, but with a tie, that motion failed.

Three days later, the city’s outside counsel, Jeffrey Melching of Rutan and Tucker law firm, wrote to our attorney to tell us the city was going to proceed with the cell tower installation. Our attorney didn’t answer.

A week after that, on October 28, Melching wrote a second letter, asking us to sign a “tolling agreement“ while AT&T considers a ‘potential alternative location’ for the cell tower slated for our front yard. Our attorney recommended we agree, so we gave him permission to accept it on our behalf.

A tolling agreement is limited to calling a time out on potential future litigation for a set period of time. AT&T set it for March 1, 2023. It doesn’t provide any additional promises, just stops the clock for a short period of time.

We don’t trust AT&T, or the city, with good reason, given the hell they’ve put us through for nearly two years and we certainly don’t feel like we’ve won (at least not yet), but we’re OK with putting this mess on pause for a few weeks. We truly hope AT&T is actually considering installing its cell tower at a safer location, such as an empty parking lot, or on top of an industrial building.

In a conversation with a City Council member yesterday, it appears that the City Council wasn’t informed over the month since that meeting that our appeal was NOT denied. The council was also not informed of the agreement we signed with the city 2 weeks ago. The draft minutes to be approved at the Nov. 15 council meeting, written by the city clerk, correctly state that the city staff’s motion (to deny our appeal) failed.

Thanks again for your interest in our long-playing nightmare. We are very grateful to have the  Beachcomber watching and reporting factually, what goes on at City Hall.

Moira Hahn


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