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Sheriff Luna

The board of supervisors got exactly what they wanted, a weak sheriff that will do EXACTLY as they say. Not surprised to see Stephanie Loftin hitch her wagon to this clown.

R.J. Steelworth


Wacky Neighbor

The neighbor being targeted has been in the neighborhood over 20 years. He takes great care of his property and is very social and friendly. It is so sad that being home has turned into Hell instead of a relaxing place. He does not deserve that. There is a show on called Fear Thy Neighbor. It has numerous real life stories just like this and the person being harnessed can’t get any help until one day it goes to far and becomes deadly. He should not have to wait that long to get help with this situation. The pictures of this house are unbelievable!.

Stacey (online comment)

The stated vision of the LBPD is “A Safe City for All People”. This situation doesn’t look safe for the poor neighbors! And the police are charged with “law enforcement”. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that there has been a clear violation of several laws, and thus it’s not a civil matter, but up to the local police to enforce the laws. I don’t understand their reluctance to get involved? Someone from LBPD please help me to understand.

Conrad (online comment)

Hatred, discrimination, harassment and mental health issues are a dangerous cocktail. Eventually this man is going to cross the line. Gay, straight, White, Black, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic and other ethnicities need to show up and show are support to the gentleman who is being harassed! Let’s involve the media and March to show this racist, menacing, discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated! Let set a date.

Well-Versed (online comment)

The police said, “it’s a civil matter.” What’s worse than being arrested, getting a free public defender and a slap on the hand from a lenient justice system?. A civil lawsuit that results in a large monetary judgment that’s what.

Start a Go Fund Me to raise money for a badass civil lawyer and have the neighborhood sue the crap out of him. I’ll contribute and many others will also, including the LGBTQ community.

Bob Van der Upwich

No one should be subjected to harassment like this idiot does. You don’t threaten children with a gun, extort money from a neighbor or keep them awake with lights, noise and music.

I can’t understand why he can’t be charged with something with all he is doing. It is totally wrong with the police response.

Marilyn Lupold

This is a horrendous miscarriage of how the police are sworn to uphold safety for the public they serve. What if one of their own were subjected to anti-police harassment of this magnitude? They would quickly put an end to it without a doubt.

It wreaks of hypocrisy, dereliction of duty, not wanting to fill out paperwork and a touch of CYA not wanting to offend the offender. My hope is that this ends peacefully and quickly.

T.B. Webster

Before anyone tries to form a mob, the unfortunate reality of the situation is these lunatics can do whatever they want to their property. Everything this jerk (he’s no man that’s for sure) is doing is annoying and passive. He probably has an excuse for all they are doing.

Another trip past the house shows some paint splashed on his paint job. I’m sure they did it themselves for passersby will think they are the ones being bullied.

The normal neighbors probably don’t want this escalated to their snapping point.

[Drive by update] They repainted over the splashed paint that has been verified they did themselves. Now that it seems they are losing the “were the victims” narrative, we’ll have to see what’s next.

I’m shocked (not really) the LGB blah blah blah alphabet mafia hasn’t any interest in them MOCKING the sacred pride theme. That is what they are doing, mocking Hispanics and gays.

Why don’t the police send some social worker by to ask the little boy what’s his gripe? Typical “I’m the victim” Snowflake douche.

VJC (online comment)


High Gas Prices

It seems the so called experts can’t figure out why gasoline prices spiked to virtually double the national average in California recently. My opinion is gouging. Here’s why.

The oil companies claim there was an oil shortage. That’s a joke. Everywhere I drove recently there were thousands of cars on the road Remember when there was a real oil shortage years ago when cars were in long lines at gas stations? Also, there was no increase in the gas tax, no new regulations, no new restrictions, no big jump in oil prices, no major maintenance problems in refineries, etc. When other states have problems with refineries their gas prices don’t spike like they do in California. I have noticed that virtually every time there are problems such as those mentioned above, the oil companies make huge, record-setting profits. I can’t think of any other industry that make record profits when they run into trouble. The bottom line is, they raise gas prices because they can!

Leo Mitchell


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