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Public Works?

Is there anyone that works for the city of Long Beach that knows (or cares) what the utilities or the city are planning to do with the streets or alleys or trees or anything to do with the infrastructure of the city? Is there anybody that is responsible to coordinate these projects?

We recently had The Toledo slurry coated. The following week a crew came out with a skip-loader to remove a palm tree that had died after being improperly trimmed by the city. So much for the new street surface! And, are they going to replace the palm tree? After the slurry coating, it has taken three weeks to repaint the “STOP” & the accompanying line. (No, it isn’t necessary to let it dry.)

Due to the STOP sign being hidden behind low hanging palm fronds or behind a vehicle, many people never even slowed down. And this is exasperated by the earlier darkness and increased traffic going home. Very dangerous, as many of us were out walking our dogs or walking home.

We also recently had a new 5G pole installed around the corner. They buried the cable under the street, around the corner, down the alley parallel to The Toledo, then a left down the alley parallel to Glendora. Afterwards, they did repave the alleys nicely with concrete (after some encouragement) and even improved drainage. Now someone (Edison?) is jack hammering up the new concrete in the alley. Apparently to install a new pole.

Chaos. We have come to expect it. Sad.

Rich Carry


Special Interests

Now that Garcia is going to congress so he can get money for his pet projects, lobbyist Rex Richardson is now mayor and OC Cindy Allen just became vice mayor. Only the latter is truthful: OC Cindy Allen knows a lot about vice.

I propose a new charter amendment: No service union (or their umbrella group like LAFed), developer (especially John Molina, who has never finished any project he began but gets all the money to not complete anything), nor special interest entity may EVER donate to politicians’ piggybanks.

Anne Proffit


Citizen Rights Eroded

I’m scared. What is happening to democracy in Long Beach? What I saw at the last City Council meeting was frightening. I watched as a citizen was bullied by the mayor and not permitted to speak.

I watched as a unanimous vote was taken (on the subject of Community Hospital becoming a shelter) with no discussion: the decision had obviously been previously decided with no citizen input; prior to the vote taking place, an announcement had been made about an upcoming informational meeting regarding the changes put into place by the vote’s outcome, evidencing the council vote itself as no more than a theatrical performance of democracy after back room dealing had already decided the matter.

Slowly but surely, citizens’ rights are being eroded. At council meetings, only the first ten citizens who sign in – which must take place before the start of the meeting – are allowed to address the council, and then only for three minutes, and only if the moon is full and the tide is low!

As the world fights for democracy, guess where it all begins? Right here, in city halls like ours, in council chambers like this one, where our freedoms are being stripped away – and then, one day, we find ourselves where too many others have: on a battlefield, fighting for democracy against the pernicious forces of oppression, as in Ukraine, Iran and more subtly right here in the good old USA.

As we usher in a new year with a new City Council, I would like to remind this new council that democracy is a representative form of government which represents we the people, depends on citizen input and involvement, and requires a responsive council.

How about this: Informational meetings are held before a vote is taken, not after. Transparency is essential. The vote is based on citizen input, not on the whims of the councilors. Citizens are given access to the council at meetings, rather than being forced to navigate a Byzantine system of intentionally restrictive rules and regulations.

Please remember that preserving democracy begins at home. Government is not the master; it is the servant. It is imperative for our new council to make accessibility a priority. The citizens will be watching. Cheers! Here’s looking at you, kids.

Merry Colvin

I agree 100% with letter writer Diana Lejins [12/16/22 issue]. The government lies every day and every hour about everything. They don’t care to be honest with us about anything because it doesn’t suit their personal agendas.

The government is simply getting rich off of us. If we are paying high gas prices, which we are, the government spins it in a way to try and hide the fact that they are also profiting along with the oil companies. This is why they won’t do anything to change it like drilling for our own oil because if they conduct drilling then it interferes with the profits they are getting.

The government lets all these migrants into our country illegally. Why don’t they just invite the whole world to come here? Having said that, one would have to ask, how long will it be before we have another terrorist attack because of the gottaways that were not caught?

Diana Lejins is absolutely correct; things have to change. I echo all of her thoughts.

Mark Mcglothern


Letters to the Editor

I’ve been writing to your newspaper a few decades now and have noticed a general omission of my opinions in the last few months. Have you changed your ideology so that I no longer fit into your paper or have my opinions become something you no longer wish to have?

I spend a great deal of time writing pieces for you and the P-T and hope that they can be shared when appropriate.

Vance Frederick

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