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I have shopped at the Circle Von’s grocery store for years, re-thinking if I will continue to do so. The last two weeks I have seen two cars, parked side-by-side, empty four carts full of stolen groceries, into their cars and drive off.

Again, saw 2 women, nonchalantly, empty a basket full of fruit and vegetables into the trunk of their car, none of these items were bagged. Spoke with several managers; yes, they are stealing but they can do nothing about it.

Then the negative experience in the parking lot, luckily, I locked my car door when I parked because I was going to make a phone call, all of a sudden, a man in his 20s, 30s, medium build, dark hair, white T-shirt, jeans) jerked on my car door handle, he was shocked it was locked. He ran away across the parking lot, I immediately went and got the security guard in the store. and warned several women in the parking lot what just happened.

Per the managers, no one can stop these thieves, or they will get fired. L.A , San Francisco is a mess; it is now moving into Long Beach. No consequence, complete breakdown down of law and order and the breakdown of the fabric of America.

How sad we know little of history and the tricks of the trade by the Marxist to break down a country.

Judy Davidson


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