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Tina Turner

I saw Tina Turner [6/16/23 story] at the Golden Sails Ballroom in the early 80s right before Private Dancer came out. Nobody remembers that show, but it was right before her big comeback.

Paul Kaminski


Public Records Act

Thank you for another outstanding editorial, as usual. [Beachcombing 6/16/23] They really reflect the core values you grew up with in Penna. I too am a transplanted Pennsylvanian from Perry Como’s hometown, Canonsburg. He called it “Boom Boom Town.”

After returning from Korea I worked with his brother Gene at the Penna. Transformer Co. in their test department. Success did not affect the family they were all just regular folks!

I like what you’re trying to do for Long Beach. Our ship was home ported here, and I returned. Retired from the school district in 1989.

Frank Dayak

I found your view on local politics to be accurate but normal. Been that way as long as I can remember, and people keep voting for the same idolized fools put up by the money in the town that runs everything into the ground except their own bank accounts.

Love to see the data on where it all goes. Got anyway to find that out? Oh, yeah, got to wait at least a year.

Vance Frederick


Bad Habit

Went thru the drive thru at The Habit in the Traffic Circle. When I got to the window the total wasn’t what the lady told me through the speaker. It was just a little more. Tax I thought? Handed over my card. But then she handed me my order without a receipt, and it gave me enough time to double check the math in my head. I told her I think she over-charged me. She looked at me surprised. I asked her for a receipt, and she gave me one.

So, then I ask her about the ‘staff tip’ line item. She says that usually that pops up after the card gets run but Habit changed something in their computer, and she had to enter it before they run the card now. It was an accident she claims. She immediately offers to refund me the $1.29 in cash.

I asked her when they made the change in the system and she told me it was two days ago. I asked her how many people she’d done that to today and she just stared at me not sure how to answer. Again, she offered to refund me in cash. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt, but something seemed weird about this one. It’s been dinner time for a couple hours you’d think even if there was a recent change, you’d get used to it by the second day.

The pretax total on the order is $11.68, so even if she hit a 10% button, that’s $1.16 not $1.29. Also seems like a strange number someone would just put in unless they factor the tip on the post-tax amount (which would be $1.29), which isn’t how you’re supposed to do that. That last disconnect had me asking for the manager. Apparently, the lady at the window was the manager. I just left it alone.

But what say you? Honest mistake or tiny grift most people would probably not notice? Curious to hear from anyone else who hits that drive thru has had something similar happen. Also, I’ve never tipped a fast food employee. Is that a ‘thing’ now?

Chris Clauson (via Nextdoor)



You think government is going to the fix homeless problem? It ain’t going to happen – government is the problem.

Thank you Beachcombing for the word “ineptocracy” a system of government where the least capable to lead, are elected by the least capable of producing and where the members of society least likely to sustain or succeed are rewarded with good and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing member of producers.

This holds true with our unsatisfactory handling of the homeless crises by the government. Last week the head of the Los Angeles Rescue Mission in L.A. was on the radio, I believe it was KABC, he reviewed some of the policies of the government, one is that an organization, like the Mission, cannot receive funds from the state or federal government unless they give drugs, etc. to those that are addicted therefore subsidizing addiction.

Persons who once occupied apartments in L.A. have been kicked out on the streets and drug users are allowed to move in, courtesy of payment by the government (our tax dollars) to those who own these apartments to house these drug users, and oh yes, the drug gangs have moved in and are now in charge of some of the neighborhoods, complain to the police the gangs threaten and bully you.

Per an article in the City Journal you can get points for committing a crime, which goes toward your ability to get drugs/housing. Most states have some kind of modified program like this, which includes checks from SSI. In the article they said the Elites, in the past years, have tried to redefine crimes and social problems as illness. The goal is to remove any sense of personal responsibility and to attribute every problem either to biology or society.

Further they state addiction is an illness. It hijacks the brain and turns a human into a vessel seeking a fix. But indulging that addiction is a choice. It must be if we are going to encourage addicts to take steps toward their own recovery. (good article, recommend reading)

You must have clinics, for a period of not less than two years to try and get persons clean, and YES, enforcement. Laws have to be followed and new ones enacted to force persons off the street, oh yes, certain persons are not going to like this, but it has to be done. To the credit of Karen Bass, the mayor of L.A., she has recognized housing alone WILL NOT solve the problem – you need clinics and enforcement.

So, let’s get on with the program and quit playing Tiddlywinks and throwing our money down a rabbit hole where it ultimately disappears.

Judy Davidson


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