Los Compadres Mexican Restaurant is Awesome

Jonathan Pekar, Food Dude

There are lots of great Mexican food in Long Beach, make no mistake about it. I tend to compare and contrast an authentic Mexican restaurant’s credibility by their beans and mole sauce. So let’s cut to the chase, Los Compadres has excellent beans and mole sauce, among many other fantastic dishes.

There are two Los Compadres in Long Beach (one on Anaheim Street and the other on Pine Avenue) and one in Norwalk on Rosecrans. I have been frequenting the one on Anaheim Street lately and really enjoy how convenient their parking lot is and how wonderful the entire staff treats their guests.

The atmosphere is comfortable and their team of professionals has a way of making you feel right at home as they start you out with a wonderful salsa and chips that will make you celebrate the word amuse-bouche and wonder if there is a Spanish translation.

Los Compadres has a full bar and I am so very impressed with their watermelon daiquiris. My grandfather once told me he was on a watermelon daiquiri diet for a long time. I asked him if he lost any weight, he said, “Hell no, but it was really fun.”

Los Compadres menu is enormous and they have excellent seafood. Their shrimp is cooked to perfection and they really know how to properly prepare all their seafood dishes. Los Compadres spices in their carne asada are obviously time-honored as you soak in the aroma of a perfectly prepared entrée.

Such a magical time when a plate of genuinely wonderful food is brought to your table. The proportions of all the meals are impressive and their flan is contest worthy. Los Compadres is an excellent example of why dining out is such an important worldly tradition that brings us closer together as friends and family.

Viva Los Compadres! Viva Long Beach!

Now go eat for yourself, my literate and hungry friends.


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