Marsh Area Clean Up

Denis Wolcutt
LBCT's David Wang

Recently employees from Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT) cleaned-up a critical marsh area in the Los Cerritos Wetlands to maintain the nearby pristine sea turtle habitat. LBCT CEO Anthony Otto came up with the volunteer idea for employees after walking with his wife along the edge of the San Gabriel River to enjoy the wetlands and to catch a glimpse of the sea turtles. But he also saw trash along the river’s edge and made a call to the Wetlands Trust, which suggested the marsh cleanup.

Trash that blows into this marsh area can make its way to the river and impact this critical habitat for sea turtles. LBCT has been making its own environmental advancements, with its Port of Long Beach cargo handling facility now a carbon-neutral operation with a goal to be net-zero in about six years. Participants included Brennan Dizon, Blake Adams, Kyle Kakalia, David Wang, Darren Henry, Michael Mueller, Renee Bogy, Cameron Copping, Bonnie Nixon, Derrik Fisher, Tyler Barry, Jim Daluisio, Brian Katzenmeier, Eric Naefke and Anthony Otto.



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