Mayor Met Match?

Why am I not surprised by Garcia’s agenda? [Downing column, August 31] He is self serving and is grooming himself for bigger things, like Alan Lowenthal. Bob Garcia is a political animal.

None of the people who we have entrusted understand that they work for us. They are public servants. Move on, Bob, it’s been fun. The object of term limits, as stated, is to infuse new blood into city government. Count me in.

Albert Zalecki


I want to thank you for your honest reporting and for giving the citizens of Long Beach the opportunity to join other like-minded people in this city that know that there is corruption and undue influence at City Hall and with the mayor’s office.

One of the biggest problems in our political system is that the Fourth Estate has been co-opted to allow those with money, influence and misanthropic agendas to control the narrative. The mainstream press was always a mouthpiece for the corrupt and for the powerful.

What your article has done is to pour a foundation for, what I hope, will be the unveiling of a very big “iceberg of corruption” that starts with city governments at its foundation but does not end there.

The City of Long Beach has set itself up as a poster child for an agenda that can be traced back decades, to 1971 with another mayor, whom I wrote about as the political examiner for Reuters online.

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