MHz TV Series: ‘Wilder’

John Thomas

The cozy little alpine village of Oberweis has a welcome sign announcing one’s arrival to this remote area of Switzerland. What should be added to the sign, however, is the quote: “Lies heal and truths hurt.”

This charming, snow-bound town is rife with more intrigue, deception and cover-ups than in most big cities. Rosa Wildner (Sarah Bühlmann) has returned to Oberweis to say good bye to her parents before leaving for California and the internship she was granted at a police academy in Sacramento. She has mixed feelings about returning as she has too many unhappy memories here.

The sadness began 30 years ago when a landslide crushed a school bus carrying 12 students – her brother was among them. The teacher/driver had momentarily stepped away from the bus to check road conditions. She survived the catastrophe, but not without a cost.

The town is aflutter with the possibilities of a huge resort spa being developed near town by an Arab billionaire investor. This project would bring huge financial benefits to Oberweis and with it, numerous problems from residents opposing it, some of whom also protest the presence of an Arab in their community.

During a celebratory town meeting, introducing the billionaire, his daughter wanders off into the snow and disappears. Rosa, being the deputy chief of police, has to remain in town to search for the missing woman.

Because of the importance of the billionaire, a federal deputy, Simon Kögi (Gilles Marti), is sent from Bern to help. His black Mercedes G-class SUV pulling an Airstream mobile home, arrives in town.

Mayor Robert Räbers (László I Kish), enthusiasm for proceeding with the spa development hinders the missing person investigation. He is too busy trying to convince the naysayers to the project what advantages it will bring to the town. He has no time to support the investigation of the missing persons. He also sidesteps reminders of a catastrophe 30 years ago when another developer wanted to store radioactive waste in the area. The townspeople were more united in their efforts to stop that project, which they did – but not without a cost.

Rosa and Simon don’t get along from the start. Stepping from his home/office, his fashionable pointy-toed cowboy boot lands in a puddle of melted snow which makes him cranky. She wonders why this fashionista is here in the first place – this is her territory and her investigation.

With no leads to the disappearance of the daughter they finally realize the need to share information and work together. They still have no idea of where she is, where she’s been, or if she’s been kidnapped.

Creeping around town, hidden in the shadows, is a young man with a video recorder. He films all sorts of images – especially those of the beautiful billionaire’s daughter. He has been recording her movements since the moment she arrived in town.

 “Should See” this series for the beautiful snowy scenery and a story with more twists, turns and surprises than an ultra steep mountain road.


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