Millikan Rams Are Ready for Postseason

Isaac Foster

After pummeling Wilson High School 35-12 in their fourth consecutive victory, Long Beach’s very own Millikan Rams have their eyes set on the playoffs. The Rams will be traveling up the coast to face the No. 1 seeded Camarillo Scorpions in the first round of the postseason.

Although the Rams are coming in as underdogs being the No. 16 seed, there is no reason to count out the squad of blue and gold. For starters, their offense has been a powerhouse all year. The team has amassed over 40 points in six out of their ten games this season and is the highest-scoring offense in Moore League.

Their attack is centered around sophomore quarterback Myles Jackson who has been red-hot lately posting up a passer rating of over 100 in his past three games. His favorite target is sophomore wide receiver/defensive back Ryan Pellum, the first player from Millikan High School to be named to the All-American Team. Pellum is a highly sought-after college prospect who already has 31 offers from universities across the country; many are from some of the nation’s best football schools like Notre Dame, Penn State and USC. Pellum has consistently played well throughout his sophomore year, averaging 17.2 yards per reception and accumulating double-digit receiving touchdowns in the ten-game season. He was rather reserved during talks about his accolades, the thing that really made his eyes light up was when he was asked about what he admired about his teammates.

“Jaden Hunt (junior, cornerback), his calmness and the way he can keep his temper. I look up to that. I look up to Angelo’s energy,” in reference to Angelo Miranda, a junior who is his counterpart at wide receiver. “Luke [Clapham’s] (senior, offensive tackle) leadership and the way he pushes through things that he is going through. Mason Scott’s (sophomore, offensive lineman) goofiness. No matter if they’re punking him on the field y’know like double-teaming him, he stays goofy. You can never make him mad. And “Bobo” [Tecario Davis] (senior, cornerback/wide receiver) I just look up to him overall.”

The Rams are led by their 32-year-old Coach Romeo Pellum, who played cornerback for the Washington State Cougars before starting his coaching career. One of the team’s slogans, coined by Coach Pellum, is to “win the day.” This mantra emphasizes that players don’t strive to just win in their roles as players, but in all the roles that they carry as young men, whether it be as a student, son, friend, or brother. Coach Pellum’s overarching goal, which is even more important than winning itself, is to get as many students college football scholarships as possible. He himself had risen from humble beginnings and getting a scholarship via football was his way of paying for higher education. Coach Pellum believes that when kids are on the field playing their hearts out for scholarships, the winning will follow naturally. Currently, 9 players on Millikan’s roster have Division One scholarship offers. 

Due to the impact he has made on his players on and off the field, Coach Pellum was recently named “Coach of the Week” by the Los Angeles Chargers. He is currently nominated to be the Charger’s “Coach Of The Year”. If he wins the vote, Millikan’s athletic department will receive a $2,000 donation from the Charger’s organization on top of the $1,000 that was already gifted for Coach Pellum’s “Coach Of The Week” achievement. The vote for “Coach Of The Year” is currently live at and closes Nov. 10th at 8 a.m.

As the time for kickoff draws closer a sense of excitement can be felt throughout the whole organization, but when it comes to the game plan, not much is going to change for the Rams. Senior running back Brodie Wojcik made it clear that “We’re going to keep it calm and collected. We’re not going to do anything new, just keep doing what we’ve been doing all season.”

The Camarillo Scorpions will host Millikan today, Nov. 5, for the first round of the playoffs with the coin toss taking place at 7:30 p.m.

[The statistics featured in this article represent the first 9 games of the 10 game season; the details of the final game have yet to be logged aside from the score.]


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